Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Western Winds of Change...

It has been months since I last updated my blog. I've been otherwise engaged/resting/overcoming writer's block. Honestly, I don't have a good excuse, other than I lost interest for a while. 

But, these days, I've been very reflective. God's put a lot on my mind and in my life, and I feel the need for an outlet. Thus, I'm back. And, I couldn't be happier about it. 

Almost 2 years ago, I made the jump from public education to church ministry. Sure, there were many variables that governed that decision, but mostly we (Brian and I) felt that was God's plan and hand. After all, God had been calling my heart to spend my time ministering to women for several years prior to presenting the opportunity. Sometimes, it takes me a while to catch on to His preparatory work in me. :)

So, I've been doing that - ministering to women - for about 2 years. In many ways, it's been the most fulfilling 2 years of my life. I've been healthy, happy, and humbled beyond belief. I've learned so many things about people and even more about myself. I've been stretched and grown in ways I didn't know needed tweaking. It's been awesome. And challenging. And hard. 

And, just as I was starting to really feel like I "owned" my ministry job, another twist and turn presented. A new career opportunity came up for Brian, and it was a good one, one that we couldn't possibly pass up. And, it wasn't in Tyler. 

The fact that I actually admit to feeling like I understood the whole ministry thing is so arrogant, and quite possibly could be the very thing that God unravels next. After all, no one owns God's ministry but God, Himself. 

So, what's next for me? For us? 

Today, I finished up my last day of Bible Study with my precious Tuesday Morning Group. Those ladies are all young moms who are giving their all to being the best wives and mamas they can be. They have my heart and my extreme admiration as I watch them function in a selfless role. I'm in awe of their lives and accomplishments. 

And, in exactly 30 days, a big 'ole moving truck is going to pull up to my beautiful home in Tyler and load all of its contents and move us to Midland. And, we are thrilled. 

We see God's hand in this process. Our home sold within about 18 hours on the market. We found a home in the extremely competitive Midland market. And, this is it...

And now, we are just waiting with humble expectation to see what God will accomplish through us next. 

We are excited about our new adventure, our new journey, our new chapter. Stay tuned...


Life and Times . . . said...

I was just thinking about you the other day. I've missed your blog, and wow what a way to come back. Will being praying for a smooth move for y'all!

Cari said...

Having been transferred a few times through Brandon's job, I know what you're feeling! It's often an exciting, stressful, nerve-wracking, unexplainable peace filled roller coaster all in one! Enjoy the ride! I look forward to following your adventure! :)

Emily said...

I have checked your blog regularly over the last few weeks anxiously anticipating a post. I am so excited for this new adventure you guys are on!