Sunday, July 1, 2012

NYC - Day 4 (The 21-hour/Celebrity Stalking Day)

I don't know about you, but I get embarassingly starstruck around famous people. Yes, I know they're just people. Yes, I know there's truly nothing special about them. But, something about spotting well known people just makes my adrenaline pump! Fortunately, sweet Chelsey is the same way. So, we set out on a journey on our 4th day in NYC, bound and determined to spot some celebs. 

We awoke at the early hour of 3AM to go to the Today Show. Our main objective was to, not only see famous people, but also to get on national television ourselves. Call us crazy/immature/insane, we don't care. It's fun. So, we departed from our hotel at approximately 3:45AM. We hadn't really thought about the fact that dark NY streets aren't the safest. About halfway there, we encountered several individuals who didn't seem to be on the up and up, and we all later admitted to our terror in that moment. Less than 10 minutes later, we arrived at the studio, expecting to see a crowd waiting, when we found only 4 crew members. They laughed at us and told us that we could go back to bed for an hour or so, and come back. We decided to wait. We wanted to be first in line. We chit-chatted with the camera crew, and they gave us some insider tips about getting on TV. They were so friendly, and even let us play on the camera at 4 in the morning. 
This is us on camera, but you can't tell. You can see the time, though. How truly ridiculous we must be! 

Yep, no one in sight. 

Here's Chelsey, blissfully showing that we are first in line! You can see Brynn working on our sign. As we were sitting on the sidewalk making our sign, someone approached us to purchase drugs. I'm not sure how they got the drug dealer message from 3 girls sitting on the curb coloring with markers, but we laughed, just the same. It was a good hour and a half before the next people got in line behind us. 

Our camera crew friends told us precisely where to stand, so that we would most definitely get on TV. 

 Waiting! But, it's daylight. We were getting closer!

We were enticed to go to the Today Show on this particular day because our fellow Texan would be present, Matthew McConaughey. And yes, ladies, he's just as impressive in person! Fortunately, I didn't get a picture because I was videoing and going completely nuts as he stood in front of us. 

 So sad that it was Ann's last day. :(

Closeup of Matt. I must say, all of the Today Show people were extremely friendly and personable. They worked their way through the crowd, taking as many pics and signing as many autographs as they could. 

And, the best part was that we DID make it on TV! So fun! A trip highlight, for sure!

After we were sure that we made it on TV, and we saw all of the famous folks, we joined up with Carol and headed to Magnolia Bakery. It is the sweetest little place (no pun intended)! We grabbed muffins and coffee, and parked it at Rockefeller Plaza to enjoy the atmosphere. 

When we finished eating, we headed to Battery Park to set our sights on the Statue of Liberty. Battery Park is one of the more peaceful places in NYC. 

 At Battery Park, we hopped back on the subway and headed to Chinatown. Chelsey and I were looking for some designer purse knockoffs, but we were greeted only by really aggressive salespeople who sent us on relay races from one shady place to another. In the future, I don't think Chinatown will be part of my vacation. I was more frustrated by it than anything.

We quickly escaped Chinatown and made our way to Soho to check out the Kardashian's Store, Dash. I tried to take a picture of Chelsey shopping in the store, but the salespeople were adamantly opposed to any sort of photography, whether or not it included any of their retail items. :(

After Soho, we got back on the subway and headed back toward the Empire State Building. We got in line and waited for a few minutes, but then we realized that we'd miss our afternoon movie bus tour if we stayed. So we left and grabbed a delicious lunch at Heartland Brewery, a really neat restaurant attached to the Empire State Building. 

From there, we made our way to the starting location for the tour. We passed the NYC American Girl Store, and we couldn't help but stop in. It was a little girl's dream!

Finally, we went on the On Location Uptown TV & Movie Bus Tour. Chelsey and I really enjoyed this! The tour guide pointed out the locations of various movie/TV filimings.  He also pointed out celebrity residences. Along the way, we stopped in at Cafe Lalo from You've Got Mail. Remember?

It's really pretty inside, but we were saving ourselves for Frrrozen Hot Chocolate from Serendipity, from the movie Serendipity. 

Once we left Serendipity, we headed back to the Empire State Building for a second try. This time, the lines were short and we went all the way to the top for the exquisite views. 

By the time we finished at the Empire State Building our early morning was beginning to take its toll, so we began our way back to the hotel. We passed by Macy's in Herald Square, so we decided to stop inside. We made our way through the 9 floors of the one-time world's largest department store. To me, the wooden escalator is the coolest part of the store. 

We shopped 'til we dropped at Macy's, and then we headed back toward the hotel. We stopped off for pretzels from a street vendor on the way. 

I told you before that Chelsey and I had one objective: stalking celebrities. We found out that many of the Broadway stars can be spotted exiting their theaters after shows. That little piece of info was all we needed to put us hot on the trail to find Raven Symone who is playing the lead in Sister Act. Remember  Raven?

We found her! Although, we didn't recognize her at first. She's all grown up! A perfect end to a perfect day!

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Rachel said...

Oh, I would love to have a frozen hot chocolate from serendipity! How was it? Is it different from just a chocolate shake?

I don't know if we'll ever cross the pond and visit NYC but I'll be going there if we do!