Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Boston News

These posts are going to be more for me than anyone. Brian and I are in Boston, and we are having the best time. I want to chronicle our trip, so I don't forget what we did while we are here. We arrived in Boston at about 10:30am yesterday. We quickly found our way to the water taxi which took us to the World Trade Center and Seaport Hotel. This was our destination for Brian's conference and our lodging. The water taxi was so fun, a great way to meet Boston and get our bearings from the water. It was just the two of us on the boat, and our driver was from Waco. We checked in, dropped our luggage, and then headed out on the town. We walked across the bridge to the Financial District and then grabbed hot sandwiches from Viga. The line was out the door, so we knew it must be good. I had an eggplant parmigiana sandwich on focaccia which has a small taste of heaven on earth. We made the decision to enjoy the local eats while we are here, so no telling how many calories were in that thing, but it was worth everyone. We took our sandwiches to go and then parked it in two red metal chairs in the center of an urban garden that was planted with the most beautiful blue hydrangeas and enormous hostas that I've ever seen. The landscaping is breathtaking in this part of the country. They use many of my east Texas favorites - hostas, hydrangeas, and Knock Out roses. Gorgeous! As we sat there, we decided that we needed to rest for a bit before taking on any big adventures. We'd been up since 4am, and Brian was hungover on Dramamine. So, we walked .8 miles (thank you, iPhone Maps!) back to our hotel and rested until early evening. We headed back out with renewed energy and decided to start our sightseeing with Old North Church in North End. We downloaded an app to help us use the subway system (the T), and I just assumed that Quincy Market and the subway stop, North Quincy were the same. We bought our Charlie tickets for the T, and then as I put mine in the meter and proceeded through the gate, the gate closed and smashed my leg. That didn't slow us down, though. We confidently departed for North Quincy. About 30 minutes later, we got off, realizing we'd gone 30 minutes in the wrong direction. I tried to blame my poor navigation on the app, but I think it had more to do with me relying on a false assumption. We got off the subway and tried to turn around and head the other way, but we proceeded through the same gate, and that's not allowed, so Brian's ticket was locked for 20 minutes. We were stuck for 20 minutes in the South Boston ghetto. At that point, we were tired again, irritable, and hungry. So, we did what many spouses do in stressful situations, we turned on each other, blaming each other for our failed attempt at sightseeing. :) We knew we better find food fast! Eventually, we understood our mistake and hopped back on the subway after the 20-minute wait for Brian's ticket to be reactivated. We found the correct route to Old North Church, but when we got off at the right stop, we found ourselves in an awesome part of town, so we decided to stop in at Bell in Hand Tavern for some dinner. We loved the open-air atmosphere! After dinner we walked through Quincy Market and Faneuil Hall. We were in love with Boston by this time! So quaint, yet so big! We made a mental note to come back to Quincy Market for dinner. We meandered through several streets and then decided we'd better start heading back to our hotel. It was a beautiful night, so we walked 1.3 miles, enjoying our first beautiful Boston evening. They don't call it "the walking city" for no reason! Maybe all the walking will balance out the eating!

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