Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Boston Chronicle - Cambridge

NOTE: so sorry there is no paragraphing! I suppose iPads don't recognize the line spacing. Yikes! Oh, tonight was so fun! Today wasn't really that noteworthy. Brian was at his conference all day, and I just hung around the hotel because it rained all day. But, by this evening, the rain had turned to mist, and we jumped on the T and headed to Cambridge. My goodness, as soon as we exited the subway, I was thrilled with our surroundings! The brick streets, the glorious landscaping, the centuries-old architecture...incredible! I spent my day at the hotel planning our evening. First stop - Mr. Bartley's Burger Cottage from Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives. We were delighted to be seated in the hole-in-the wall historical eatery that's been a Cambridge favorite for decades. We devoured our meal of burgers, fabulous onion rings, and homemade lemonade and raspberry limeade. Next, a walk was in order. We made our way through Harvard Yard by Widener Library, Harvard Law, Harvard School of Engineering, etc. It was amazing to be standing on campus of the oldest institution of higher education in the USA (est. 1636). Then, we explored Cambridge Common, a city park where George Washington first gathered his troops during the American Revolutionary War. We strolled through this district, taking in so many interesting sights - churches, homes, and most importantly the Longfellow House/Washington's Headquarters. We were the only people on the grounds, so we slowly meandered through the gardens and viewed the house from every angle. So awesome! Cambridge is just incredibly picturesque. Around every corner was something even more stunning than the last sight. We finished up the evening with some souvenir shopping at the Harvard Coop. We couldn't let the night pass without a trinket to remember it. We'd planned to grab some ice cream at Lizzy's or JP Licks, but we were so stuffed from dinner, that our bellies (nor consciences) could handle it. We jumped back on the T, and quickly found our way back to our hotel. What a difference a day made in our understanding of the Boston public transit! Now, we are pros! We are having the time of our lives! But, my word, our legs and feet are not used to all this walking! Our muscles are aching tonight!

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