Thursday, June 7, 2012

4 Years and Counting!

Today, Brian and I have been married for four whole years. I can't help but look back at this picture and chuckle because of our naivete that day. The one thing that has remained is the faithfulness of God. It overwhelms me to think of all the struggles that He's seen us through.

When I think back to my feelings for Brian at that moment, I knew that I loved him deeply, but I had no idea how the Lord would multiply and increase that love exponentially in the months and years to come. It is unbelievable to me to consider the ways in which Brian has cared for me, protected me, provided for me, inspired me, respected me, and above all, loved me.

Brian, I can truly say that I love you more today than ever! You are my soulmate.


Life and Times . . . said...

Happy 4 year anniversary one say late. Hope it was great!

Erin said...

Happy four years to you two!