Monday, April 30, 2012

A day in pictures

My Sunday in pictures...




Dinner - Eggs and Sweet Potatoes with herbs (we use seasonings)

Beverage - Unsweet Tea (I only used the raspberries and mint for flavoring.)

 So, what am I learning from all of this? I'm learning that it is HARD to deny the flesh. I'm learning how desperately I need Jesus. I'm learning that God is full of grace and mercy for ALL of my shortcomings. I'm learning that I'd rather lie than admit failure, and that's really pathetic/sad/problemmatic. But, God is forcing me to be truthful. Just like I've said many times about cancer, this challenge is way more spiritual than physical. The question that I'm constantly pondering is this, "Do I live as if Jesus truly is all I need?" Or, am I more comfortable relying on a little bit of Jesus and a lot of the world? Stay tuned, I sense big things a-brewin'...

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Norma said...

The eggs and sweet potatoes meal looks yummy! Do share how you fixed that please and thank you! =o)
- Norma