Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Making Christmas Merry Tip #6

Good Morning, Wonderful Ones!

This morning, I'm coming to you from the comfort of a fireside recliner. It is most definitely "the most wonderful time of the year." I'm up before the sun today because of a nagging cough. I've been fighting off the common cold for almost a week now, and it just keeps going. Poor Brian isn't feeling well either. Oh well, these things are so very minor and inconsequential compared to the hurdles of the past holiday seasons. I'm fairly certain that we'll manage. :)

This week, I'm zoning in on Luke 1, if you'd like to study along with me. Each day, I'm reading Luke 1, and then I'm going back to focus on one smaller portion of the text. For instance, yesterday I read Luke 1, then I slowly studied Luke 1:1-17. Today, I will read Luke 1, and then I'll focus in on Luke 1:18-24. Each day, I'll study these smaller passages and ask God to draw out His truths for me, that I might put them into practice in my life. If you've never studied The Word this way, it's worth a try. There's something wonderful about taking a slow walk through scripture to notice all of the scenery.

Speaking of scenery...

Merry Christmas Merry Tip #6

This holiday, get outside and enjoy the beauty of your surroundings. Last week, it was cold and drizzly, so I donned my rubber boots and took the pups out for a "hunt" through the open fields around our house. We had the BEST time. No cost. No planning. Just a good, old-fashioned trek through nature. It was refreshing and wonderful! So, take some time this season to walk slowly - through nature, but mostly through God's Word.

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one of nettie's girls said...

Thanks for the challenge to read the Word slowly. Too often I read with the mind set of "Check! That's done." Love you.