Monday, December 12, 2011

M-aarrgh-y Christmas!

Do you like to plan and throw parties? I think that it's a certain personality that really gets excited about this. This weekend, we were part of one of the most fun parties that I've been to in a while - Maddox's 6th birthday! The party was pirate-themed (the reason for the title of this post), and it was a blast!

I'll share my pictures with you... (EDIT: I just looked back. After spending about 10 minutes increasing the size of all the pics, they've all returned to the small size. Boo, BLOGGER!)

This is me and the birthday boy! Now, who knew that my vast wig and scarf collection would come in so handy! 


Little Miss Pirate

A little Sword in the Stone mixed in for fun!

Themed snacks!

Granny and Papaw (The granny who painted the pictures in my house.)


Maddox and Granny going down the slide.

Nana and Hensley - the very best playmates!

Brian and Hensley in the jump house.

The Nana of all trades is applying tattoos and painting faces.

The Pirate Mom, doing what moms do.

These 3 planned one great party!

Maddox and Papa

Treasure Hunt!

My Mom and Stepdad made this ship for the party. Impressive, huh!?!

A very fun day, indeed! 

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Rachel said...

This looks like so much fun! Love the walk the plank idea too :)