Thursday, December 15, 2011

Have a little faith...

Good Morning, Sweet People! Can you believe that we are a mere 10 days from Christmas? I'm telling you, time flies when you get old! I remember being a little girl and thinking that Christmas would just never come, but now it seems like it flies in abruptly! 

This morning, I've been pondering three distinct sections of Luke 1. 
  • "The Holy Spirit will come upon you, and the power of the Most High will overshadow you..." (v. 35)
  • "For nothing is impossible with God." (v. 37)
  • "You are blessed because you believed that the Lord would do what he said." (v.45)
Though these verses are comprised of different language, I believe their theme can be summed up in one word: FAITH. 

Y'all, on this earth we wrestle with big things. Very big things. Illness, death, tragedy, divorce, addictions, unemployment, financial ruin, broken relationships, and the list could go on and on and on. 

Fortunately, we have a Savior who will come upon us, and overshadow us in His power. And, with Him, nothing is impossible. No mountain is too big for Him to move, no situation is too grim for Him to change. And, we will be blessed, if only we have faith that the Lord will do what he says He'll do.

What's big in your world today? What is causing you grief, worry, or anxiety? Have you asked the Holy Spirit to come upon you and to overshadow you with His power? Have you stated in faith that nothing is impossible with God? Hmmm.... I've got some thinking to do...

One of the biggest illustrations of faith that I know is Parental Care Ministries. These precious children in Uganda trust God to care for their most basic needs. They believe that He's trustworthy, and that He will do Big, HuGe, ENORMOUS things for them. And, you know what? He does. Have a little faith...

Making Christmas Merry Tip #8

Practice stewardship - bless those in need.

Partner with an organization like Parental Care Ministries (see website above) or Salvation Army Angel Tree or your local church to meet the needs of those in need this Christmas. What a wonderful way to worship the Lord by using His resources well! 

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