Sunday, December 18, 2011

Fireside Chat

Good Evening, Friends,
I'm closing my day with you. I come to you tonight from the back porch fireplace with a starlit sky and the Pandora Michael Buble holiday station quietly humming over the otherwise serene landscape. The dogs are laying underfoot and Brian is inside catching the end of a football game. For me, this is utopia. This is the place to which I wasn't always sure that I'd make it. My heart is full this evening. Absolutely, positiviely overflowing with God's goodness.

You see, on this day two years ago, I received news of my second recurrence of breast cancer. But, not today. Today has been a day of worship, of fellowship, of productivity, of rest, and of praise to the Almighty God.

I am overwhelmed tonight, to the point of tear-filled eyes, at what my God has done for me, a lowly sinner saved only by His miraculous grace. He was enough, y'all. He always has been, but tonight, I'm even more aware of the fact. The fact that God, looked down from His heavenly reign to change things for this young woman. Amazing. I always felt like God was preparing me for something, but I never could've guessed that I would be the recipient of a miracle. To God be all honor, glory, and praise today and everyday!


Anonymous said...

Tonight, I too, accept God's miracle in our lives. Thank you, God, for the miracle of Lindsey's health. This mother's heart overflows with gratitude, thanksgiving, and love for my Almighty God and for my precious girls. I AM SO VERY GRATEFUL. ALL PRAISE BE TO YOU THIS CHRISTMAS SEASON.

Coop said...

You are so deserving of all the God has bestowed on you! God knew who would receive His miracles and then use them to spread His name to the world! You always give the glory to God, where it belongs! I love that about you! You are a continuing inspiration. Your faithfulness and dedication is amazing and I am constantly in awe of you my friend! Most people would have buckled under all that you have been through, but you leaned completely on our Savior and received all the blessings and healing because of it! You are such a testament of what real faith looks like! Love you and I'm so glad I know you!