Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Terrific Thanksgiving!

Good Morning, Sweet Peeps!
I hope that each of you had a fabulous Thanksgiving holiday. We had lots of fun, food, and fellowship which made for the perfect combination for a wondrous occasion! I thought I'd show you a few pictures from our activities. Now, I realize that the quality of these pictures is awful, so please forgive a girl! For some reason, I have a very difficult time getting good pictures in dark, lamp-lit houses. Tips are appreciated.

On Thanksgiving Eve, we traveled a short hour away to enjoy dinner at my grandparents' house. This has been a tradition for many years. Grandma always makes a smorgasbord of soups, stews, and sandwiches. It's the perfect warm-up to Thanksgiving Day. 

Then, on Thanksgiving Day, we got up early and walked through the fields by our house with our pups. It was cloudy and cool, and the perfect way to start the holiday. We got back home just in time to watch the parade and drink delicious lattes. Brian is quite talented as a barista. He hand whips the cream for the top, and it's so yummy! Then, we went to my other grandparents' house for lunch. 

On Saturday, Brian's best friend, Jeff, came into town to visit family. They have a huge farm, and they invited us out to shoot clay pigeons. This is Jeff and Brian, getting ready for the kill:

This is me, shooting a gun for the first time ever. I didn't really enjoy shooting a shotgun, but I loved shooting the pistol! The shotgun kicked too much for my liking. We were shooting in the rain and cold, but it was so much fun! Back to my country girl roots! That's Jeff's dad helping me. 

Well, folks, I'm sure many of you have moved right into the Christmas spirit as Thanksgiving passed and Christmas draws near. I'm praying that your hearts would be moved by the story of the Savior, as you busy yourselves this Christmas. Love y'all!

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Jeze said...

Go for an insanely high ISO (I think your Rebel might go to 3200, if not, 1600). Set your dial to Av (for Aperture Priority) and open up the aperture as far as it will for (f/2.8 or lower, if you've got it). Then shoot. The high ISO will make the photos grainy, but if you want the shot without blur or having to use a flash (I refuse), then start high and ease down until you can still get a quick shutter speed (at least 60, preferably 100 or more) for a clear and naturally lit photo.

Happy Advent!