Thursday, September 22, 2011

Razzle Dazzle

Notice anything about these 2 sweet critters?

That's right! They have new personalized collars! I know that law enforcement warns against having your children's names plastered across your car or clothing, due to the crazy minds of child predators, but I think we're safe with dogs. For one, no one but us would want them. And, for two, Gladys isn't going anywhere near a stranger. But, would you just look at that face? So sweet. She melts my heart. She might just be my very best friend. :)

Yesterday, I was so excited about the dogs' new razzle dazzle, that I forgot my own jewelry. I felt lost all day without my wedding ring. Isn't it funny how we grow so accustomed to things that we feel naked without them? In fact, I even thought about driving back home to get it. Not that being without a ring changed anything about my marital status or love for my husband, but I just like to wear it.

Then, I thought, "That's silly to drive 20 minutes out of my way just to put on a ring for a few hours."

God used this ridiculous little lesson to question me further. "Are you that out of sorts when you forget to put on my truth before you leave the house?" I heard His familiar voice whisper to me.

Hmmm. Now I was really thinking. As I leave my house each day, am I presenting an accurate picture of Christ to all that I encounter? Am, I bathing my day in His truth, so that I wear His name well?

Sometimes yes. But, sadly, sometimes no.

Thank you, Father, for using dog collars and wedding rings to remind me to put on your Spirit of Truth.


Camille said...

Something to truly "chew" on. What a difference it would make in our day if we were truly clothed in the armor of God.

SarahMarye said...

Our Father is truly all around, is He not? How exciting, these epiphanies and lessons from the Ultimate Teacher!