Friday, September 2, 2011

Bright Lights, Big City!

Brian works for an awesome company. They have countless catered lunches, Starbucks coffee machines, and they give away stuff left and right. If you have to do the whole corporate thing, this is a good place to do it. Anyway, one of the things that they do is give away sporting event tickets. On Tuesday night, we were the proud holders of Texas Rangers tickets. 

Now, I think I've mentioned here once or twice, or perhaps a thousand times, that sports are not really my scene. I've tried and tried to like them, but I just can't. Although, I'm still trying. 

But, I will sit in a stadium, gym, or arena with the best of of them. I love the sports atmosphere. Love the players, hate the game; I think it's said. :)

I am the worlds' most obvious people watcher, and that drives Brian a little crazy, but I have the best time staring people down, analyzing their behaviors, and making guesses about their life stories. It's a riot, really. I'll do it in a mall, at the gas station, or even in church. But, a professional sporting event is, by far, the best venue. 

So, it was a great time! I often wonder what it must be like to get so energized, excited, and anxious about a silly game. The die hard fans crack me straight up! 

This game was particularly fun because we went with Brian's cousin, Big Al (Alex), and his almost wife, Lauren. We had never met sweet Lauren before, so she was my main analysis for this event. Just kidding, Lauren, I truly enjoyed visiting with you. You're a dear, just like I knew Alex would pick!

Some things will  never be outgrown. Case in point: Baseball Hat Ice Cream Bowls
Aren't these 2 just the cutest little boys you've ever seen?

As always, I'm so wonderfully blessed by God's healing hand on my body. He reminds me each and every day that my life is in His hands. And, frankly, that's the only safe place for it to be!

Have a good 'ole long weekend, y'all!


Torchness said...

What a fun post! We loved spending time with y'all. You should come with us to the Texas State Fair! GREAT people watching (and fried deliciousness). We'll be going about the 2nd week in October.

Amy said...

Hey sweet girl! I've missed visiting with you! How fun you were able to go to the game with Lauren and Alex. So, I guess we will see you soon at the wedding? Are you guys staying at the Doubletree the night after their wedding? I look forward to seeing you and my Tyler family. Love, Amy
P.S. I totally get you on the people to analyze and think about people from all walks of life! :)