Friday, August 26, 2011


I just finished cleaning up after mowing the yard. I've been fascinated as I watch our baby yard mature before my very eyes. I always force myself to wait exactly a week before mowing again, but it could really use a haircut every three to four days. The speed in which it is growing is truly unbelievable.

This morning, I noticed some weeds mixed in among the grass. They frustrate me to no end, especially the ones with stickers on them. They grow twice as fast and twice as tall as the grass. I told Brian about my duel with the weeds, and he said, "We'll keep them cut really short, and the grass will choke them out. "

As I let his wisdom roll around in my head, I couldn't help but consider the fact that his words were applicable to living life in a world of sin.

You see, Satan is real. He is out to steal your joy, kill your hopes, and destroy you - weed by weed. Growing good things isn't enough, we have to learn how to choke out the bad.

I think the analogy of weeds in a lawn is quite appropriate. Weeds can take root and take over before we even realize what's happening. One week, they seem harmless, and the next they are filling the yard with stickers. One week, skipping a few days in God's Word is harmless, and the next, you don't crack open your Bible, at all. It's a slow progression. It's usually not intentional. It's the way of the evil one. He's sinister and sneaky.

As soon as those weeds, those distractions, those temptations, those negative thoughts pop up, choke them out. Cut them out at the root. And, then fertilize the good. Saturate your life in the fertilizer, that is the Holy Spirit. The stronger the lawn, the less space for those pesky invaders to take up residence.

Satan's out to get you this very day; choke the living daylights outta him!

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Coop said...

Wow, such a great analogy!