Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Think Tank

Good Morning, Sweet Peeps!

I'm coming to you this morning from here:

Picture my seat sitting in that chair and my feet resting on that head, and you've pretty much got an accurate visual. I was just sitting here thinking. My mind has been reeling with so many things in the last couple of weeks. Isn't it amazing how God just speaks when we are quiet? He's kept me particularly quiet, lately. And, I know there's a reason for that.

You see, the second that I start thinking that I've got a good grasp on the fullness of God, I'm actually regressing in my understanding. This is what He's been telling me. The very moment in which I think, "Oh, I've got it. I understand.", I'm in trouble.

What a prideful way for me to look at our Creator. I've been guilty of this lately. I've been walking around as if I actually get it, as if I can actually comprehend the magnitude of God. How arrogant of me!

In reality, I can comprehend NOTHING apart from God. I know NOTHING about Him or His Truth, other than what He's allowing me to experience.

I don't know if I'm making any ounce of sense, but I'm basically saying, once again, I am nothing. God is everything. Anything good in me, including an understanding of scripture, is because of God in me.

I think this has come to my mind because on several occasions lately, people will say things to me that indicate some goodness in me. And, God continually reminds me that I'm His instrument, not my own creation. I'm capable of nothing, but sin, on my own.

That's what's floating around in this brain of mine this morning. Thank you, God, for a quiet place, a think tank, where I can immerse myself in your presence. Your presence is life to me.

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