Monday, August 22, 2011

Back to School

I can't let this day pass without documenting it. It's too full of redemption to let it slip through my grimy hands without giving glory to God for it. It's noteworthy, and praiseworthy, and worthy of all acclaim under the sun.

Back to School.

For years, I've cringed as I've stepped through the doors at Target and been bombarded with shiny new pencils, glue sticks, folders, spirals, and the like. I love school supplies just as much as the next girl, but I shuddered at what they represented to me.

To me, they represented the end of my summer, the end of my freedom, the end of my lazy days in God's Word. To me, they were evidence of my unmet passions and unreached callings, my deepest longings.

To me, they meant that I'd spend another year, doing an important job in a less than important way. I'd be in charge of children, a whole room full of them, for a whole day, and a whole year. And, their learning and academic progression would be directly correlated with my teaching expertise and my overall mood and attitude.

About 4 years ago, I spent my summer as a single woman, searching for a way into a life of ministry. I tried and tried with all my might to place myself in the center of God's will, and I just knew that, that had to be somewhere other than in a room full of children.

But, it wasn't.

Then, His purposes for me, of which I'm know quite certain, were to learn patience, reliance, and long-suffering.

Life went on, school started, my husband captivated my heart, and well, you know the rest of my story.

Today, though, it's about 4 years down the road. And, I didn't go back to school. Well, not in the sense of being a teacher to a classroom of students. God moved me, and now I'm fulfilling the role of student.

As I walked through the halls of the hospitals today, visiting the sick members of our church, I thought, "Really, I've been the student all along. I just thought I was teaching. He was teaching me."

He was teaching me to wait upon Him, for so many things - a husband who loves me as Christ loves the church, a body that is supernaturally stable in Him, a life of significance. Wait.

I've never waited well, and I still don't. But, I'm confident today, that He who began a good work in me, will be faithful to complete it. Wait.