Friday, August 12, 2011


What's a dream morning for you? How would you choose to start your day? I've had the very best morning. To you, it may seem commonplace, or even laborious, but to me, it's been a picture of God's faithfulness.

I started my day by push mowing our new yard. I love to mow. I don't know if it's my farming roots or my desire to see major changes in things, but I just love the act of transforming things from disorder to order.

Now, I'm a disaster with a weedeater, so it hasn't quite made the full transformation. Brian is a master with the details of edging and weedeating. I think he gets it from his dad. Dale's edge on his yard is impeccable. I've admired it from the day I first laid eyes on it. Do normal people notice these things, the edges of a yard? Probably not. I'm an oddball.

Then, I sat out on the back porch. It gets evening sun, so the mornings are breezy and beautiful. The dogs frolicked in the freshly cut grass, and I sat and praised God for allowing me to mow. It was one of those moments when I'm most thankful that He's allowed me to experience suffering. Without suffering, there's no real glory. I saw His glory this morning.

I walked patiently through His Word and waited expectantly for Him to speak His truth into my life. He's always there, ready to speak. I do my best to listen. Sometimes, I talk too much.

After allowing Him the opportunity to work over my heart of sin, I went inside to move around the laundry and change the sheets on the bed, still high on the Holy Spirit.

By now, my stomach was starting to alert me that I hadn't yet nourished my physical body. Isn't it funny how, when we're full of the Spirit, our hunger is more for him than physical food?

I remembered that I had purchased blueberries for blueberry muffins a few days ago, so I got busy following the directions of the recipe. And, here's just a little plug for one of my new found favorite books:

Babycakes is a bakery in New York. They've produced a recipe book of vegan, gluten-free, and sugar-free baked treats. So far, the two recipes that I've tried (chocolate chip cookies and the muffins) have been terrific. I don't follow the vegan part, though. I use organic dairy. And, as you can see, I ate two. :)

And, as I fell into one of the paisley print, wing-backed chairs in the living room, I thought, "God makes good on His promises. "

For about 6 months, we watched our new home transform from a pile of dirt to a sanctuary of ministry and rest. Now, that we're here and in, there are things that have to be kept up, tweaked, and changed. That's just the nature of new construction.

God creates His children in much the same way. He builds us up from a pile of dirt into His sanctuary. But, even once we're complete, and He's moved into our heart, He continues to tweak us and change us, and keep us maintained in His truth.

Such a loving Father we have! He loves us too much to allow us to be complete, once and for all.


Erin said...

"He loves us too much to allow us to be complete, once and for all."

I like that part. So true.

And send me some cupcakes in the mail!! ;)

Anonymous said...

I am thankful that at almost 6 decades of age, I am still a work in progress, that He loves me too much to allow me to be complete, once and for all....until that day in which I stand before Him...

Coop said...

:0) Needed to read this today! It's a great reminder to cherish EVERY God-given moment in life!!!!