Saturday, July 30, 2011


My dear sweet friends,
How are you precious people? Man, I've missed you terribly in the last several weeks! You see, I go through life interacting with all of my "real world" friends and family, but there's this enormous hole in my heart when I don't have the blessed opportunity of engaging with my blog buddies. Know that each one of you is no less integral to my life than those that I get to see and hug in real life.

Man, these have been wonderfully exciting, incredibly exhausting weeks.

Brian and I had the great opportunity to vacation with my family in Seacrest Beach, Florida. Usually, Destin is our hot spot, but this year we stayed slightly off of the beaten path. It was a great time of fun in the sun and bonding with family. And, I learned that my husband is a sand sculptor deluxe. I'm not sure how this has happened, but I'm only learning, after 3 years of marriage, that he is off-the-charts artistic. Who knew? He's so gifted in creating visual beauty! I'm so excited about this newly discovered talent. I can't draw stick people with precision, let alone anything of any real vision, so this is just one more area in which God has balanced us to be a good team.

Then, we made the long 11-hour trip home, slept 8 hours, and then got up and began moving into our new home. Y'all, you cannot even begin to imagine how emotional and special this was for me. I just feel the Holy Spirit camped out on my shoulder, spurring me along. I feel that He is adding back all of the things that were stripped away, and even more than these. His movement in our life is evident and incredible!

And, wouldn't you know, on top of the vacationing and moving, I had the privilege this morning of proclaiming God's faithfulness to one of the sweetest group of ladies that I've ever met. I'm telling you, God's presence was thicker in that place than in any I've been in lately. They asked Him for His presence, and believed that He would answer, and, boy, did He! What a special time of worship!

Now, I'm coming to you through yawns and smiles and with a full heart because of what the Lord has done for me. This week, I've been memorizing Luke 1:74, which says, "We have been rescued from our enemies, so that we can serve God without fear." That's what I'm feeling tonight, as I'm sitting here, reflecting on these recent days. God has rescued me, but not for my gain, but His. God, help me to serve you BOLDLY without fear.

It's good to be back, Wonderful Ones!


Lori said...

Hooray, a new house!! So happy for you. Glad you are back to the blogging world too.

Have you visited this blog? This mom is in the middle of her cancer fight. She is amazing and inspiring. Reminds me of you. Just wanted to pass her blog on to you.

Life and Times . . . said...

So glad that things are going so well for you. Can't wait to see pictures of your beautiful new home.

One of Nettie's Girls said...

So good to hear from you and hear the joy and strength in your "voice". Rejoicing with you over what God has done and is doing in your life! And, Lori, I don't know you but I am following the same blog from Melissa. I know her sister Becky. What a small world! Melissa is truly inspiring as you say!

Anonymous said...

So excited for you on all fronts! Am also very eager to see pics of your new house - inside and out, please!

Oh yes....God is SO good!


Anonymous said...

so glad you are back home. I can't wait to see pictures of the house. I know you will be so missed at school this year.

Whitney said...

I'm so happy you had such a fun and relaxing time with your family. Priceless, precious times.

Anonymous said...

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