Saturday, July 2, 2011

Hey, Friends!

I'm coming to you today from the mountaintop home of Brian's sweet grandparents. I'm blogging at just shy of 10,000 feet elevation, and I can see snow-covered peaks in the distance. Heaven? I'm convinced that God reveals bits and pieces of the beauty of our eternal home through His magnificent creation on Earth. To me, mountains and beaches are extreme examples of His powerful magnitude.

As I'm here this week, spending time with family, I am also spending time in God's Word, specifically the book of Daniel. I've been studying chapter 6, you know, the one in which God saves Daniel's life from being ravaged by lions. Certainly, I've heard this story countless times in my 22 years of knowing Jesus, but it's an entirely different thing to study it as an adult.

Today, as I read this account of supernatural rescue and gaze at a landscape of supreme creativity, I can rest, once again, in the fact that God is abundantly able. When I take the time to consider God's history of power and resume of faithfulness, how can I not trust Him with my silly little problems?

Do you need to recognize His ability today?

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Life and Times . . . said...

There is something about the mountains that reminds me in a really big way what an awesome and mighty God we serve. When I look at the beauty of the mountains, I can't help but be reminded that the God who created the heights of the mountains and the depths of the seas is the same God who created and loves me. Not a bad thing to be reminded of. Have a wonderful time.