Friday, July 15, 2011

Cool Colorado

Well, folks, I'm way behind the times on updating my blog. Tomorrow, we're leaving for family vacation in Florida, so I figured that I'd best get caught up before I have more pictures to share.

How are y'all? Life going okay? We're good. Great, even. We just got back from one family vacation, and we're set to leave for another one tomorrow, and when we get back, our new home should be complete and ready for living. Life is grand. I'm constantly reminded of God's faithful hand in our life.

This week I had a checkup with my oncologist, and she said as she completed my flawless exam, "You're a miracle!" I couldn't help but get a small lump in my throat as I replied, "I'm only a miracle because Christ is a miracle worker." God IS sufficient, and He will continue to be more than enough.

Anyway, just needed to brag on the Lord in me for a second. Now, onto the pictures...

This is Brian with his Grandpa (Art), shooting the breeze on their back porch. Brian is the only grandson on this side of his family, and thus these two have a special connection. Dr. Art is retired from the Air Force, so he has fabulous stories to share.
This is in Art and Jan's neighborhood. The Splendor of the King was breathtaking.

A herd of elk. They roam freely through the neighborhood.
Brian, Liam (our nephew), and JackPa

Grandma (Jan) and Lauren playing with Liam.
The whole crew, just chillaxin'!
A woman's place is in the kitchen; a man's place is on a tractor.
Handsome Husband
Liam hasn't quite conquered the outdoor world yet.
This is the view from Art and Jan's back porch. I really can't even imagine waking up to this everyday.
The men decided to cut down a tree.
We went on a hike through the neighborhood.

Brian and Joe (our BIL)

Dale practices his swing.

The whole hiking crew.
It was a wonderful trip, and we look forward to many many more years of memories.


Lisa said...

The pictures are gorgeous. And you two are looking fantastic! Enjoy your next vacation.

Life and Times . . . said...

Wow what a beautiful place to visit. I like the beach but I love the mountains. The majesty of the mountains always reminds of God's greatness.

Chelsea said...

So thankful to hear about your good report from the doctor! God is good! Will you be at the reunion? I would love to catch up with you!

Madison Sanders said...

What a STUNNING view! Thanks for sharing!