Thursday, July 7, 2011

Back in Business

Well, we're back home and back in the swing of things. Our time in Colorado was nothing less than magical, just like last time. Having the privilege of gazing on the untouched mountains and valleys is a truly spiritual experience. It's as if you can experience creation, just as God intended it to be experienced. And, it gives us a tiny glimpse of what creation without sin could be like. I'll tell ya, heaven is going to be quite the forever home!

And, another fun element of the trip was that it included all of Brian's family. We rarely have the opportunity to spend time with everyone together, so that was an added bonus.

I might be the most analytical person I know. I'm always watching people and speculating about why they behave in particular ways. It's a hobby for me. Anyway, it's always fun to watch a person interact with their family of origin. It answers so many questions about personality traits and senses of humor. I love it. In many ways, it helps me better understand a person, and I like that.

Last time we went to Colorado (July 2008), I burnt up my camera with picture after picture. This time, I barely took any, at all. Here's one phone pic from Zapata Falls. It was a neat hike up to a waterfall and river. I love enjoying the great outdoors by hiking through nature. It makes me chuckle to even think about saying that. You see, I am the same little girl who refused to wear anything but cotton sundresses during my childhood. I didn't like to get dirty, and I certainly didn't do anything that made me sweat. Gone is that little lady. :)

It's good to be gone, but it's even gooder to be back! (yes, I'm well aware that gooder isn't a word.)


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