Saturday, May 14, 2011


Oh, y'all, my mind is in overdrive this morning. Brian and I have been at a conference for the last 2 days. It was a conference for young leaders who desire to be catalysts of change for the glory of God. We sat under the teachings and testimonies of some of the most influential and creative thinkers around. To say the least, we were challenged, refreshed, and catapulted into deep thought.

This morning, I was going to sit down and try to make sense of my reactions to all that I heard. I thought, "I'll just write a blog post about it. I'll call it reflective." Then, I went to google images to illustrate my thoughts. When you google "reflective", you get a variety of results, everything from safety vests to landscapes to reflective cones. But then, I saw this picture of the swans.

Underneath the picture, was listed a definition of the word "reflective".

Reflective - Capable of reflecting light

Man, then my mind went in a thousand directions. I was going to try to reign in my thoughts with this post, but the Lord sent them spinning.

Look at the swans. No. I mean it. Scroll back up if you have to, but sit and look at that beautiful photo. Exhale. Sigh. Take it in. What do you see?

I'll tell you what I see. I see God. God is represented through the radiant purity and grace of those swans. As He embraces the water, or the earth, He desires to see himself in it, just like you can see a perfect reflection of the purity and grace of the swans cast upon the water.

Y'all, I can't help but question myself. "Am I capable of reflecting light?"

Are you capable of reflecting light? Not the light of the sun, but the light of Jesus. The light of His grace and purity and beauty.

When, God looks at us, can He distinctly see himself? We know He can because we are covered by Jesus' perfect sacrifice on the cross.

Reflective. That's the desire of my heart today. Is it yours?

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Life and Times . . . said...

That's something to really think about. Does my life reflect the light of Jesus Christ? When I'm with my husband and son, when things aren't going as planned, when I'm tired and have had enough do I reflect the light of Christ? Definitely something to ponder.