Tuesday, March 8, 2011

My bestest

Yesterday was Brian's 29th birthday. We're getting old! We're inching closer to 30 all the time! I can't imagine saying, "I'm 30." I always thought that sounded so aged when I was a kid, but now, it's reality!

Here's one photo from the celebration. I told Brian that he looks like a wizard in this get-up. He's sporting his new Mavs hat and his dad's reading glasses as he strains to read from the pocket Bible that I got him.

A few weeks ago, I got a new calfskin Bible. If you have one, then you know the sheer beauty of them. Anyway, Brian's been coveting mine since then, so I set out to get him one, the best I could do on short notice was a $5 version with microscopic print. This will teach me to be last minute with gifts!

As I sat down to write in Brian's card, I couldn't help but reflect back on all of his birthdays that I've had the pleasure of celebrating with him. My, how things have changed since the first one!
But, more than anything, I was just floored at how, each year, two lives mold a little more into one. Brian literally saved my life this year (with my brain tumor). He had to make decisions about how to best preserve my health, without any input from me. I wasn't conscious. I couldn't weigh in on the issue. Then, he insisted that I remove myself from work, regardless of how this affected us financially. He wouldn't accept a stressful life for me. Brian, you are my perfect protector and provider. Always. In every situation.
I praise God every single day for his gift of Brian. You can search the whole world over, and you'll never find a man like mine.
Happy Birthday, Bri!
To many many more years of molding two into one!
You are my bestest.


Lori said...

So wonderful that God gave you a husband who makes you laugh and takes such good care of you. I love God's provision. Prayers for you both!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful love story--both of Brian for you and God for both of you. Your man is walking out how a husband is to love his wife. Enjoy!!

Anonymous said...

nobody loves me

Anonymous said...

if things dont work out with that guy I would love to get together for a cup of frozen yogurt or coffee.
Your Secret Love