Friday, March 11, 2011

New Things

If you're city is anything like mine (or if it is mine), then you know how it is when a new thing pops up in town, whether it be a store, park, or restaurant. The masses come out in droves and suffocate the parking lots for the first few weeks that it's open. The parking spaces are at a premium, the aisles/tables/walking trails are covered up with people, and the wait time is forever long. You know what I'm talking about, probably.

Well, we've got a new hot spot in town. A locally-owned grocery store that is supposed to be comparable to Whole Foods or Central Market that are found in the bigger cities. We drive by it every single day, so we've been seeing signs about it for years and watching it come together for months. It opened yesterday.

Usually, it is my custom to wait for the newness to blow over before I visit places, but this place is supposedly right up my dietary alley. I couldn't stay away. But, I knew I had to go when no one else wanted to. What did I do? I went at 7:45 this morning.

Overall, the store does a wonderful job comparing to Whole Foods or Central Market, in my opinion. The staff is exceptionally friendly, helpful, and knowledgable. Every single aisle I went down had an expert stationed on it, just in case assistance is needed. Now, that's service!

My favorite part? The cheese. I heart cheese. It's my drug of choice. :) Just when I think my taste buds are going to blow from no wheat and no sugar, I reach for a piece of fancy cheese, and my life is renewed. Certainly, I kid. But, in all honesty, I DO love cheese, except for goat cheese. Ick! I have tried to like it again and again, but I can't.

Well, as I was perusing the thousands of cheesy varieties, the cheese chef asked if I needed anything. I said, "Yeah, everything." He offered to make me a sampler, and I took it!

If it's good enough, I'd drive 30 minutes out of my way for a taste of a delicious cheese. I remember when I was a little girl, I'd always ask my mom, "What are we eating for dinner?" If the meal didn't have cheese in it, then I was hugely disappointed. Luckily, my mom is just about as crazy about cheese as I am.

As I walked through the store and looked at beautiful produce, nuts, figs, dates, honey, olives, and cheese, I couldn't help but wish that we still ate the way they did in Biblical times. Wouldn't that be wonderful? They didn't gorge themselves on chips, candy, pizza, and various other unhealthy foods. They savored small meals. And, the food is beautiful.

So, maybe when I have a house, I'll have people over to enjoy this type of meal, rather than fajitas or pasta. It's so satisfying.

Have a good weekend, y'all! We'll be spending it with her:

Isn't she the sweetest little girl you've ever seen? We're so enjoying our house-sitting time while her family is away. And, we're so blessed to know wonderful people who are willing to let us enjoy their homes while they are away. God is good!


Kristina said...

1. I cannot believe you went on opening day! I'm waiting for at least a week.
2. I would have gone on opening day to get a sample cheese tray.
3. Our Friday night meals (during the Spring/Summer) include cheeses, olives, dates or figs, a little bread, and maybe some tomatoes. I was just thinking yesterday that I'm ready for those to start up again!

Unknown said...

Is the produce locally grown?

Whitney said...

You and your cheese!!!!!

Jeze said...

I dunno...I'm sticking to the farmer's market still, even for cheese, although a good selection of cheese just might lure me over. Just show me the manchego!

Could be that you've never met the right goat cheesecheese with the right combination of herbs and fruits. I'm may or may not be salivating just thinking about it... :)

Leslie said...

Girl after my own heart! Give me cheese over sweets any day! (Preferably served with a side of bacon... :)