Thursday, February 17, 2011

Milk. It Does a Body Good!

Most of you probably don't know that my roots are on a dairy farm. Those who know my family now can hardly believe that any of us have any sort of history with holsteins, but alas, it's true. My dad and grandfather and great-grandfather all used to make their livings as milkmen, in a sense. To this day, I still think cows are kind of pretty from a distance. And, I think Gladys looks just like a cow. Don't you?

Well, maybe you have to get a full-body shot to get the effect. But, she's even quite the moo-maker in her sounds. She's just funny. But, I digress...

Back to the cows and milk. In my Bible Study, we've been going through 1 Peter, much like I have setup on this blog, but we're actually meeting together. Anyway, last week we were honed in on 1 Peter 2. Verses 2-3 say, "Like newborn babies, you must CRAVE pure spiritual milk so that you will grow into a full experience of salvation. Cry out for this nourishment, now that you have had a taste of the Lord's kindness."

Oh man, y'all! The Lord hit me square between the eyes when I read CRAVE pure spiritual milk. I realized that a craving is an insatiable desire. A hunger. It keeps coming back. God's called us to feast on His Word as if we have an insatiable hunger that keeps coming back again and again and again. We can't satisfy it because it's the essence of our nourishment, just like babies are nourished by milk. We can't feed them once and call it done. No, they want more and more. And, the larger they grow, the more they want. This challenged me to take in God's Word with the same fervor and passion as a child who is sucking down milk so quickly that it's running down it's face and pooling around it's neck. Okay, maybe not with that much vigor, but you get my point.

Will you join me? Will you partner with God's Word in such a way that it's an insatiable desire for your spirit? I believe that God can change our lives when we do this. He can equip us to do His supernatural work. Oh, I'm excited!


In other news~

Several have asked, "How are you feeling? Why aren't you blogging as much? Why haven't you been on facebook as much? Is everything okay?"

Y'all, everything is going great! As you know, I had about a month-long setback with an allergic reaction to a drug that I was taking. I was itchy and miserable with that for at least a month, and I'm actually still spotted in a few areas. But, I'm much improved!

Then, I got a flu-like virus (the doctor's term, not mine) with severe dehydration for over a week. It had me feeling like I couldn't transport myself from the kitchen to the couch without stopping for rest. I logged more time sleeping during that week than I EVER remember slumbering in my entire life. So, that was interesting and awful.

Now, I really think that I'm on the mend. I'm not 100% back to my normal self. And, truthfully, I'm not sure what my normal self even feels like anymore. :) I just now that I don't have as much energy and strength as I once did. If I'm busy all day, then I'm pretty much toast for the evening, and vice versa. This old bod just hasn't regained it's complete strength and energy yet.


We are very hopeful that it will! We continue to praise God daily for His complete, 100% healing of my physical body. We believe that He can and will restore me to total strength and energy and wellness. So, stay tuned for that!

I appreciate your prayers very very much. I can't imagine life without my faithful prayer team. You guys are to be commended and hugged! :)

Much love to each one!


Life and Times . . . said...

My son had a "flu-like" illness a couple weeks ago, and now I'm sitting in bed with the flu. The flu (or "flu-like" illnesses) take a lot out of you in and of themselves. Given that your body has been through so much, I can imagine that you are more than a little worn out. Rest and take it easy, and I'm sure that your strength will return with time. There are many people praying for you and believing for complete wholeness and strength to return to your body.

Anna said...

I'm so glad to hear you're feeling better! You continue to be an inspiration and are in my prayers!

one of nettie's girls said...

Good words today. I find that the more time I spend in the word, the more I do hunger for it. When I start feeling like I don't have time or I'm just not "feeling it", I know that the best thing I can do is sit myself down and start reading and studying. It will honestly cure a weak appetite. (Something that I NEVER struggle with physically!)

So glad to hear that the allergic crisis is waning and that you are feeling better. Don't let us selfish Lindsey-ites make you feel
pressured. You rest. We still be here.....praying and cheering you on.

Alabamamom said...

Amen to "One of Nettie's girls".

Forty and Trying to be Fab said...

I'm glad you are starting to feel better. I will pray for continued healing and strength for you:)