Tuesday, January 4, 2011

An official update :)

Hello, again, Lovelies!

Well, sweet Hensley just made her way to recovery, and the doctor said that everything went just as planned. Praise the Lord! Thank you for your prayers for her! Prayer makes a difference. We know that by now, surely. Please continue to lift her up as she has to lay still for the next 6-8 hours. Then, she'll stay in the hospital tonight, and hopefully go home tomorrow. It's so hard to be on this end of the operating room. I don't do that often!

Let me tell you why Brian and I have been out of the blogosphere lately. As you know, we took a little vacay right after Christmas. It was wonderful and restful and peaceful. The resort was fantastic! We slept in our big, feathery bed until we couldn't sleep anymore. Then, we got up, mustered the strength to pull on some clothes and made the long trip down 3 floors to go to Starbucks. We acquired our piping hot drinks and strolled our way through the beautiful Texas Hill Country. Three days in a row. It. was. incredible.

Then, we left the resort and made the 5-hour trek to Midland to welcome our newest nephew into the world, William Brian. Wanna see?

This gives you a sneak peek at my new long "hair".
The new adoring grandparents.
Sweet mama. (I feel terrible that I don't have a picture with Joe and Erin and Liam. Poor Joe got very sick and was home resting most of the time when I was at the hospital. :(
Liam's 1st Birthday Cake!
I took over 200 pictures of the big event and the fun times leading up to the event, so expect to see another photo post once I get a chance to work through those photos. Might be a while... Liam was handsome and healthy and just as kissable as you can imagine. I can't wait to see him again.

So, we went on vacation for four days, to Midland for four days, and then when we got back home to Josh and Lauren's house, the four of us noticed that it smelled like gas. To make a long story short, they got a new roof and the roofers sent a nail right into the main gas line. Turns out, we've all been inhaling gas for about a month and God has had His careful hand on us to keep us safe in a very dangerous environment. Once again, you can't doubt His providential care for His children. We spent last night at my in-law's house, and then I'm back home today holding down the fort while repairmen come and go. Never a dull moment...

Now, I'm squeezing in a quick update before I head to the bedroom to pack us up to leave when Brian gets off of work. We are headed to Houston. My appointment at MD Anderson is at 7:30 in the morning. Would you please be in prayer for that? Pray for safe travel. Pray for a good night of rest. Pray for ease in traffic, parking, registration, etc. And, mostly pray that the Great Physician would hover in every corner of the consultation/exam room. Pray that every word, every thought, every action would be glorifying to Him. Pray that He would guide the doctor, guide the treatment, guide the discussion. Pray that we would leave there feeling hopeful and informed. Pray that we would feel comfortable and at ease. Pray that we would not entertain confusion, but live in the total clarity that only the Holy Spirit can provide. Can you do that for me? We covet your specific intercession. You won't waste a single prayer on us.

Y'all, I've really been thinking a lot recently. You know by now that I'm a very reflective person. Too reflective at times. Sometimes I wish that I could just sit and live in the moment, instead of constantly trying to reflect on God's lesson. But, that's the way that He created me, so I'm going to go with it. :)

When I was sitting and gazing upon my new little nephew, I couldn't help but think, "Thank you, Father, for creating him perfectly to do just what you've created him to do." And, then I thought, "You know, God created me perfectly, too. He created Liam's body just as He wanted it to be. And, He created my body just as He wants it to be." Even though sometimes my body seems to wage war against me, I can sit and rest in the fact that God created this body. He created it strong and healthy. And, I can trust Him to sustain it in the face of danger. I was weepy when I first looked at Liam. That's not like me. I mean, I cry just as much as the next woman, but not usually about other people's babies. I think the Holy Spirit was just using Liam to remind me that God created me, formed me, and grew me just as He planned. And, therefore, I can trust Him to hold me. Thank you, Lord, for your gentle lessons through the life of a baby. Seems like He's done that before :)

So, if you are suffering physically today, remember that God is your help. Cry out to Him. Saturate your life with His word. You can trust Him to uphold you in the face of danger. His word brings life, and not just life, but abundant life!

I'll do my best to update after my appointment tomorrow. Until then...

Psalm 103:3-4
Praise the LORD, O my soul, and forget not all his benefits- who forgives all your sins and heals all your diseases, who redeems your life from the pit and crowns you with love and compassion.

Did you notice that it doesn't say "gives you love and compassion"? No, it says, "crowns" you. That means He puts you in a place of regal honor and dignified reward. From the pit to a place of importance and greatness. I'll take that any old day!


Angela Ables said...

the Ables love you so much, Lindsey and we will be praying for you and Brian as you head to Houston.

Pam Bourque said...

Lindsey & Brian, we are praying for God's Hand of protection to surround you and guide you. We pray for His Spirit of wisdom and discernment to fill your hearts and minds, so that you will know and have confidence in exactly what the Lord needs you to do for your body. By the authority of the Name of Jesus and the stripes on His back, we pray for healing in every cell of your body, and restoration of life & health to fill you.
We are praying for precious Hendsley, for her complete healing and Divine order to be restored in her body. We pray for Ashley, Brian and Maddox, for their peace. Praise the Lord for His work and Hand in our lives. We love you, Pam, George and Granny B

Anna said...

So thankful you had a nice vacation! Prayers are being said for you! Exodus 14:14

Julie-CA said...

"Father, I am coming to You to lift up the life of my dear friend Lindsey. Father I am pleading with You that everything in the process of their travel tomorrow would be saturated with Your presence. I ask You to please give them a night of sweet sleep tonight as they l down in preperation for what's to come tomorrow. Calm their minds and bodies and replace all anxiety with Your perfect peace. Please protect them as they drive and I ask that Your hand would quide them in every detail small and large as they go through parking, registering and just walking through the process they need to walk through. Father, I thank You in advance, for I know You're spirit will be present in that room and I know You will be glorified because your work in Lindsey's life will radiate off of her in a way that pierces every physician that crosses her path. Father, I ask that You would begin to pour out Your wisdom on her doctors even now before they arrive and that You would begin to work in their minds and hearts what Your perfect plan is for Lindsey's future treatment. Give them the discernment to hear Your voice above all others. And as a result, I know Lindsey and Brian will leave that place full of hope because what they have just been told was a mapped out plan directly from your throne room to their hearts. I ask in the mighty name of Jesus that You would shield them form any and all confusion and that Your angels would fight to protect their volnerable minds during this season. Please Father. Please give them a perfect peace that boasts of Your grace in their lives. Encourage them with hope, fill them with joy and sustain them with peace. You are the Great Physician and I praise You for Your goodness in the life of my special friend. In the mighty name of Jesus I ask these things. AMEN."

Melanie from The Pigg Pen said...

Glad to hear Miss Hensley is doing well and so glad that you and Brian got some quiet rest. Congrats on being an aunt again! Liam is beautiful...and could that picture of Dale and Judy be ANY sweeter? I love your new "long" do! Praying for all of your requests for tomorrow. Safe travels!

Paula said...

Lindsey and Brian,
We have been covering this time in prayer since the date was mentioned a couple of weeks ago. We will now begin to specifically cover you two in prayer.
The picture that keeps coming to mind is the one off of Lion King when the dad raises Simba up high before the entire jungle. That God will set you apart tomorrow, in His hand, out of the pit, and raised up for all to see. His good and perfect work. We all glorify Him because of you two.
Be safe and we love you! Storming and kneeling at His Throne on yours and Brian's behalf! The Chaffin's

ELC said...

What a beautiful baby! Congratulations to your family. Thanks goodness you found out about the gas line before getting sick--wow, what provision. My in-laws life in Houston--I've always found it to be kind of overwhelming (even as a New Yorker) so I hope you have safe travels and a safe stay!

Katie said...

Your posts always bring me to tears. Congratulations on your beautiful nephew! I realize I'm posting this after your appointment has taken place, but I will pray for safe travels back, and that what you learned there will be useful. Prayers for you!