Saturday, January 22, 2011

Ceremonial Days

This morning I got to have one of those wonderful Saturday mornings that makes my heart full and my mind sane. It was a Bible Study morning. I'm not one of those people who has a set time everyday for personal study and prayer. My quiet times are mobile. Sometimes in the morning, sometimes midday, sometimes in the evening, and sometimes in the middle of the night, if God stirs my slumber for His purposes. But, mornings are my favorite.

Luckily, my husband has a wonderful Saturday tradition of getting up relatively early and letting the dogs outside. Then, he eats a large bowl of cereal, watches a little ESPN, and he's usually napping on the couch within an hour. Just as he's falling into a deep slumber, I stealthily commandeer the television remote and switch the station to a soothing music channel. I carefully position myself under my softie in the oversized chair and crack open God's Word. For some reason, I just love sitting there with my man breathing loudly on the couch and God loudly breathing His truths into my spirit. Perfection. Well, until a dog barks outside and stirs the pack into thinking that they need to go outside and protect their territory. Then, as they say, the moment goes to the dogs!

Anyway, on to my point...

This morning, the Holy Spirit just really showed up when I submitted my time to Him. Today's focus was on the children of Israel as they waited patiently on the Lord to deliver them from the bondage of Egyptian rule. Moses and Aaron followed God's directives to a T. They negotiated with Pharaoh just as the Lord directed them to do, and their deliverance STILL wasn't immediate.

Surely there were moments when the Israelites were thinking, "God, can we trust you? You keep promising this fabulous future, but where is it? All we see is death and destruction!"

Then, in God's perfect timing, after He accomplished all that He purposed to do, He did it. He came through on His promise. It wasn't immediate. But, it was EXACTLY as He said it would be, and then some. You see, God moved the hearts of the Egyptians to free the Israelites, AND to give them all that they wanted.

Did you notice who accomplished this miracle? It was God. He moved hearts. He freed wealth. He provided deliverance from years of bondage, through no help from the Israelites.

Here is an image that will hopefully help you visualize the work of an Almighty God. Look at the magnitude of God's promises coming to fruition. Can you imagine?


This really hit home with me today as I moved into the personal application of my time in God's Word. I'm always asking God to reveal to me the significance of His Word in my own life.

Today is exactly 2 months from the detection of the tumor on my brain. November 22, 2010. For a few years now, I have felt that I've been a slave to cancer. Every major decision that Brian and I make has some tie to cancer. Bondage. Not the same type as the Israelites faced, and likely not the kind that you are facing, but bondage, nonetheless.

Not until this third diagnosis have I truly been able to give this enslaving attack of the enemy to God. Not until now have I been able to see this process through God's lens. Not until now have I truly been able to give it to God, believing that, although the process is long and daunting, His promises will abundantly exceed my expectations. A ceremonial day. A day to remember what He's been doing for His children since the beginning.

Are you experiencing bondage today? Have you fallen slave to something or someone that seems impossible to shake? Trust God to deliver you. He's more experienced than anyone or anything in the business.


Julie-CA said...

Thank you lindsey, this was encouraging to me.
I love reading about what the Lord is doing as time goes by in your life. He has done great things in you and I love hearing all about them.
Oh, and yes... there is nothing quite like the peaceful snore of a husband or a cat in the background (I just absolutely LOVE the sound of our cats snoozing!) while you are curled up and deeply entangled in the beauty of the Word. Hard to describe.

Life and Times . . . said...


I've been away from the blog (reading) world for a few weeks now. As I started reading through your posts from the past few weeks, I felt such encouragement. I've been dealing with some health issues, and your posts reminded me that God is faithful and all powerful. The devil has no power over me or my situation. Thank you for being so faithful to share. And know that I'm continuing to lift you up in prayer.