Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A Video Message


Anonymous said...

Your faith humbles me! You are truly one amazing woman!! I'm thanking Him for answered prayers, and will continue to pray for your home to sell (or whatever He has in His plan for that). Also, praying for you and Brian. Stay strong!! Btw, you look GREAT!! Thanks for letting us see for ourselves that your doing good :-)

mckenziegordon said...

I want you to know I'm praying for you all and following your progress, but I can hardly comment because you just leave me in tears and speechless. What an encouragement and blessing your faith is to so many! Man, you are just inspiring. Thank you for being so open as you walk through these unthinkable times with such grace.

Janna M. said...

Your faith in the Lord just astoundes me. I've never commented on your blog before but I've been reading for a very long time. When I read your first post about the brain tumor, I cried. My first thought was, "how unfair!" You show just humbleness and faith in the Lord that my first reaction was to doubt God and say "how dare he put Lindsey through this."

Over the past few days, your updates and post have turned my attitude around and I'm rejoicing right along with you. Your video just now made me really cry. I myself have Crohn's Disease which is a chronic disease that is quite difficult to live with. It's no where near as advanced and complicated as cancer but I've been struggling with it for so long and not getting better that I've started to grow weary in the Lord and weary with myself. After seeing your video, my thought was "how dare I doubt God, I can totally get through this if God can bring Lindsey through these terrible trials."

Thank you for your awesome testimony and unwavering faithfulness. You are truly a gift from the Lord and I look forward to seeing the wonderful that he will do with your life.

There is a song that I listen to whenever I'm feeling crummy that reminds me that the Lord is right there with me and I need to keep praising him. The song is called "Praise You in This Storm" and it's by Casting Crowns. I think you'd love it as much as I do.

God bless you Lindsey, thank you for being you and letting God work through you.


Life and Times . . . said...


First of all, you look amazing. Just looking at you I can see God's joy in your countenance. Secondly, thank you for sharing this hard but incredible journey. I amazed when I see how much God has done in your life. Your faith helps to build the faith of others. You will continue to be lifted up in prayer, and I know that God has great things in store for you.

Julie-CA said...

I came on here thinking "Lindsey already posted, what are you doing checking Julie..." but decided to anyways and what a blessing to see your lovely self telling us even more about what He's doing in you! I just breathe a sigh a peace whenever I land here... :)

Alabamamom said...

I wish I could do cartwheels, but I've never been coordinated enough. I am rejoicing in the Lord for all the great things He has done and is doing.

Today was a day of great news all around. One of my dear friends who has been battling ovarian cancer for 9 years got the news yesterday that her tumor markers went down over 800 points and she doesn't have to get the painful injections after her chemo treatment because her blood counts were so good.

Another friend's brother-in-law with multiple myeloma who had a flare up of GVHD after his stem cell transplant from his twin brother 3 weeks ago is now able to go to his home state until his next transplant in January.

I'm beyond thrilled that your cars sold and know that your house will as well. Also, that Brian's new job is going well.It will be neat to see how the Lord will put different folks in your life during your not driving period that He will use you to minister to.

I've been praying Luke 18:1 every day for y'all. Looking forward to your complete healing.

Whitney said...

Oh Lindsey I love you! It's wonderful seeing your beautiful face proclaim the GLORY OF THE LORD! I just want to shout. I love it. Praise the Lord for HE IS GOOD!!!!!

A Nerd and A Free Spirit said...

Amen, sister, preach on! Beth Moore, eat your heart out. (-: Praying for you!!!!


one of nettie's girls said...

Dennis and I watched and listened to you on this video and smiled the whole time. You are an inspiration and an amazing testimony to the grace of our great God.

Heather said...

You are so amazing!

Anonymous said...

Lindsey and Brian - your house is SOLD! While praying for you this morning I kept getting the CLEAR vision of a SOLD sign in front of your house. SOLD! Consider it done, as the Lord is taking care of you both.

Oh my. How you inspire. When I read your cars sold I got goose bumps and yet was not at all surprised. I've called in all of my markers, and you and Brian are being taken care of.

Oh how I know (first hand) the worries, the fears...and yet KNOW that ALL is well, that this is but another test of faith, of trust, in His word.

It isn't faith, it isn't trust, until we reach the eleventh hour and still stand steadfast, toe-to- toe with The Dragon. You WILL, you ARE prevailing.

Hang in and hang on my dearest - it isn't easy I know, I know, yet the reward is unbeleivably great. Don't mistake the wrapping for the gift.

He said it came to pass, He didn't say it came to stay.

Bless you both,


Kate said...

How amazing it is to see you and hear you speak God's testimony in your life. Our God is a living God!! Praying for you and Brian.

Anonymous said...

Honestly, I've been feeling a little "Jobish" as well and this post has REALLY encouraged me. I will definitely keep your family in my prayers. Sometimes I find myself just screaming WHY GOD WHY? And you are right, it is for the glory of God. I pray for your healing. And praise God you sold your house!!!