Saturday, December 4, 2010

A New Need

Well, guys, because of your faithful prayers for us, the day has been wonderfully productive, without too much stress. God's provision has been perfect, just as I expected it to be! He just cares for His children that much!

I'm beat this afternoon. Very, very tired. I'm currently sitting in a recliner at Josh and Lauren's house while everyone else is busy about the house, working away. I'm so thankful to have people who love me enough to let me be lazy. What an enormous blessing!

I have another big prayer request. It's become evident that 5 dogs in one house is just too much for this old girl. Yes, they are our babies. Yes, we love them dearly, but with everything else, we just need some relief. So, I am looking for a home for Wally (1-year-old male Saint Bernard). It's not that I love him any less, it's just that he is the biggest, youngest, and newest to the pack. He is precious. He is housetrained. He has a wonderful personality and loves people. He is our baby, and we love him, but it's simply too much for me right now.

So, please add this to my prayer requests. Pray that the Lord would provide a wonderful home for sweet Wally. I trust Him with this small detail. Again, He is a God of the small things. He's proven that this week.

Thank you for covering us. I couldn't do it without you.


Anonymous said...

You are working just as hard as anyone - harder, actually - whether you're moving house or not. You KNOW Wally will have a wonderful new family soon. What's most interesting is to see who and how quickly!

Also I want to tell you, the second time I had treatment they told me I'd lose my hair again and I did not. It got thin (not so thin you could see my scalp, though) and totally lifeless, but I didn't lose it. So you never know!


Julie-CA said...

You are more then welcome for the prayers... thank you for sharing your life so openly so I can.
Prayer for Mr. Wally, check! :) Hope you get some sweet sleep tonight

Jeze said...

I'm sending this to my cousin. She's a veterinarian in Longview. :)

Life and Times . . . said...

I know it must be so hard to give up Wally, but you are wise enough to know it is necessary. I will pray that he finds the perfect home and the perfect family to meet his needs.