Monday, December 27, 2010

Mighty Maddox

Five years ago, my sweet nephew was born. In fact, he's my only nephew. I love that guy to pieces. We sat up at the hospital and waited, and waited, and waited for him to make his debut. It took over 20 hours. Finally, he decided he was good and ready at 1:51am. And, my whole family was there to greet him. What a great memory that is!

I can't believe he's 5 now. That seems impossible to me. Completely, totally, impossible. Now, he's not a baby. He's a boy. A big, school-aged boy.

Since his birthday is on Christmas Eve, Ashley and Brian (my sister and BIL) always try their best to make the beginning of the day special for Maddox. He always gets to pick a place to go out to eat. This year, he chose Chic-fil-a.

Happy 5th Birthday, Maddox Man!
Your Uncle Brian and Aunt Lindsey love you to the moon and back!

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Julie-CA said...

happy birthday maddox :)