Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Just Details.

First, I have to tell each one of you how much I love you and thank you for loving on us. When I post on my blog, I feel like I'm sitting down in a circle of friends and just petitioning you all to walk through the trenches with us. That's a blessing beyond description. You've become more to me than I ever thought possible, and you've just ushered us through the most grim circumstances with such devotion and care. It's incredible. Truly incredible.

Then, I have to brag on God. Don't ever doubt His perfect provision and care for us. Never. As you know, I posted yesterday about trying to make some financial adjustments, so that we can pay for more treatments and get used to a new lifestyle. I specifically asked for prayer about our house and cars. You would know that God doesn't waste a single second when taking care of the needs of His children. Y'all, we were able to sell both of our cars last night and purchase one new car. We have some wonderful friends who just listen to God and provided some unbelievable help for us. Are you floored??? Really, we shouldn't be. We should've expected God to work it out all along. You can't even imagine the reprieve that this provides for us. One car payment. One car insurance. One car maintenance. Incredible. Completely, supernaturally cared for.

So, I say once again, this is HIS! This is not my battle to fight. These are not my details to decide. Every ounce of this process is totally and completely His, and He WILL receive the glory - for GREAT things He has done!

I just praise Him for so many of you who are reaching out and helping us in our day of distress. That's the Father's love in action, and I can't even tell you how much joy it brings to my heart!

Keep those prayers coming!

1. I am fighting a chest cold. Sneezy, coughy, tightness, and sinus headache. I think that I'd feel pretty normal if I could shake this stuff. I didn't make it to school today because I've been up coughing and sneezing all night.

2. Continue to pray for our house situation. The main thing is the location. Brian and I are just really praying hard for God to work out my work schedule, since I can't drive. We're not sure the wisest way to handle all of that, but I know that He knows.

3. Pray that I will continue to recover, and that God will restore me to complete, supernatural health. I love that He commands the devotion on my healing. We are trusting Him.

4. Pray that we will make much of Him in ALL things. I don't want a single lesson to be lost on this. The purpose of suffering is so that we might identify with Christ. It isn't fun or easy, and I wouldn't wish it on anyone, but if I can call on His name, then it's all worth it.

5. Brian's job is going well, but his plate just got MUCH more full with my loss of driving ability. Pray that the Lord would hold that precious man close. Pray that He'll give him strength and endurance when the days seem long and impossible.

Thank you so very much for your prayers. I can't even fully explain it, but I almost feel that we're existing in a state of God's divine care, and that's because of your prayers. Thank you. I love you!


Paula said...

Lindsey and Brian,
I am not in the least surprised. All afternoon and last night, when I would pray for you guys, I would hear a song and it would be a confirmation of my prayers lifted up that God was in control. I woke up remembering when Selah came to our church and they sang "It is well with my soul". "Whatever my lot, thou has asked me to say, it is well, it is well with my soul." That is yours and Brian's attitudes. That is what gets the two of you through each day, Faith. God rewards true Faith. Thank you both for being shining examples. The Chaffin's.

Erin said...

Wow, that is amazing! Praise God for (quickly!!) answered prayers! Will keep 'em coming for you guys.

Elizabeth said...

praying for you.

Coop said...

Kelsey and I prayed for you last night and will continue to do so. I'm playing catch up on the blog. I was so glad to see that your testimony is on you tube because we weren't able to attend the Monday night service. I don't know anyone else in the world like you Lindsey Pond. You remind me of a present day Job. Most people would have given up by now, but you keep on praising the Lord and fighting on showing EVERYONE what a TRUE believer looks like! Thank you for that! You are such an inspiration and I know God has GREAT things planned for you! Look what's He's already done and what He continues to do in your life. I can't imagine the pain and sickness and emotional stress you are going through right now. I know it cannot be easy at all but if anyone can get through all this, it's you through the grace of God! I love you Lindsey!!! Brian, I don't know you but I love you just the same. You should be an inspiration to all husbands out there. I know Lindsey can breathe a little easier KNOWING that you have her back. From all her posts, I can see that your daddy raised you right and you are a Godly man that is humbly serving your sweet wife's needs. Praying for you too! I know God is going to reward both of you for glorifying Him so much through this experience.

one of nettie's girls said...

I sat and read this and broke out in goose bumps. God's provision and faithfulness and compassion overwhelm me. Your testimony continues to uplift me and spur me on to a greater faith myself. We love you guys and are praying daily. Praise God for the cars selling!

Shelly said...

Praise the Lord!

Corey Ann Coleman said...

Lindsey - this is EXACTLY what I needed to hear this morning. I am going through a similar struggle - fighting my 2nd bout of mets to the liver (diagnosed with breast cancer in 2005 at the age of 27). I am a 32 yr old wife and mother of a 4 year old. I get so caught up in my own anxiety and worries and so easily forget that this is HIS battle. Thank you so much for reminding me. Love, Corey

Julie-CA said...

My eyes welled with tears as I began to praise God for His goodness, provision and proven faithfulness in your lives.
He is so good. Truly. In all things, at all times, HE IS GOOD. What rest that gives a heart, doesn't it. His ways are not our ways. His thoughts are not our thoughts. He is amazing.
Lindsey, I too feel your same joy whenever I come on your blog that you feel when petitioning us to walk with you both. I truly mean this when I say, it is an HONOR to be used by our Lord to encourage, uplift, and pray for some one who has become such a very dear friend to my heart. There's a spiritual connection between us on this blog and I love that so many are commited to lifting up one another and the name of Jesus. I love it. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to be a part of seeing God's marvelous plan worked out and revealed in your lives. I love you dear friend. To God be the glory!

podso said...

What a testimony. Have you ever thought of having a speaking ministry? You really could ... and you have much to share about those lessons you are learning.

Unknown said...

Lindsey and Brian,
Praise God that you were able to sell both cars and purchase a new car.
I have been on your Blog several times would read some and say a prayer for you and Brian. You have lead us thru an amazing journey and because of you I have become closer to God. I am thankful for your words of trusting God. I should be the one encouraging you; but God has once again showed his power. Lindsey, you are in my prayers and I thank God for you. I know God will once again send buyers for your home and this too will be taken care of by our awesome God.
Debbie Mireles

A Nerd and A Free Spirit said...

Wow. This makes me tear up. I read it to my husband and he just said "WOW". God never ceases to amaze. Thank you for reminding us of his power.


Jeanne said...

Lindsey and Brian,

I rejoice with you over the sale of your vehicles and the purchase of one. God is awesome in His provision, and proves Himself daily. Continuing to walk in prayer with you and for you.
Your posting is so timely---going through issues of God's provision right now in a different matter, but your testimony reinforces---He IS able--and does.

Blessings to you both-
Jeanne Bruner Bodhodt