Saturday, November 27, 2010

Bearing Fruit

Happy Saturday!

I'm coming to you this morning from my inlaws' computer. They were kind enough to let Brian and I (and our 3 dogs) stay at their house while they went out of town. It's just much more convenient, and they have a fenced backyard which makes life with 3 dogs much easier.

This morning, I woke up with a renewed love for the Lord and His special care of me. Processing a cancer diagnosis is tough. It goes in phases, and one minute you're fine, and the next you feel totally defeated. I'm just being honest.

But, this morning, I sat and googled "healing scriptures". I read God's promises about petitioning Him for healing from diseases. Now, that will comfort a worried heart. I was reminded that the only thing that's new or different is the amount of glory God can get in my situation. I love that He makes it so that no one can attribute my health to ANYTHING but Him. He's making sure that even the smartest experts out there are puzzled by me. He is COMMANDING devotion to Him. I love that! I am praying His healing power over my life constantly, and I am resting in the truth of His word.

So, if I come to your mind, please join with me in agreement of His faithfulness. Here are some specific requests:

1. The antiseizure medicine that I'm on gives me a headache and just kind of a foggy head. Pray that I'll tolerate it well.

2. Pray that God will restore my health - that He'll remove any and all disease from my body for now and always! Nothing is beyond His power!

3. Pray for Brian. He's starting his new job on Monday, and I just want him to feel rested and ready.

4. Pray for our finances, that God will provide.

5. Pray for God to guide us as we make lifestyle changes. I can't drive for a while, which will be something to get used to, especially since we live outside of town.

6. Pray that God will show us how to make much of Him. Truly, that's my only objective.

7. Pray that each day I'll get stronger and back to normal.

Y'all, I just believe that God is going to use this in our life. I can't wait to see how. The neurosurgeon said that he plucked the tumor out like a little grape off the vine. We are praying that God would use this as His fruit, and that others would see Him in an enormous way.

I love you guys!


Julie-CA said...

wow, what a great analagy form the neurosurgeon of the "pruning" we must endure if we are to grow spiritually as believers... and then the image of bearing new fruit as a result is just awesome.
I've been thinking about yo a lot and am so glad to hear all is well and will pray for everyhting you asked Lindsey. Enjoy your weekend in a new place with your hubs and dogs!

keely said...

It's been so amazing to read your story and to see your faith grow through so many trials. Of course, that's exactly what scripture tells us will happen!
Thank you for sharing the details of your life with all of us. Our prayers continue to be with you and Brian!

Anonymous said...

The following is today's Reminder from God:

"You must rely on Me. You must wait, trust, hope and joy in Me. This is the great test."

All day yesterday and Thursday, after reading of your latest test, I was distracted in a wonderful way by thoughts of you. I say in a wonderful way because thoughts of you centered me in prayer most of the day, and there was a wonderful stillness in that. I felt Peace, WHOLENESS, WELLNESS, flood my body. I know it was and is flooding yours as well.

I continue to do hands on distance healing and KNOW that this too, shall pass.

You are a warrior, reaffirming in each moment that you are, that you are committed to be, and tough as it is, YOU and GOD WILL PREVAIL.

Thank you dear heart for the updates. Know you are ensconced in never-ending prayer, the most powerful medicine of all.

Bless you,


Elizabeth said...

praying for you

one of nettie's girls said...

I will be praying for each of these specific requests. So glad that Brian will still be able to start his new job. I am praying for a clear head and peace of mind for him on Monday.

Emma said...

I have been reading your blog for a while, and each time I am convicted and inspired by you and your desire to glorify the Lord and praise Him in all things. He is getting glory, that's for sure! :) I have been praying that God would remove all sickness from your body... and isn't it amazing that even if He chooses not to do so on this earth, He will absolutely restore you and give you a new body in heaven! Praise Him. There is a verse in Jeremiah that I want to share with you... it says, "Behold, I am the Lord, the God of all flesh. Is anything too hard for me?"- Jeremiah 32:27.
You are such an encouragement, and I just want to thank you for encouraging me! I hope you have a blessed day!

Forty and Trying to be Fab said...

I will be praying for you. Once again your faith inspires me. it will keep you strong. God bless!

Anonymous said...

This is today's (Sunday's) Reminder from God, and again, as I've been praying for you I've felt so many things I've read and heard are messages regarding your complete healing. This is one:

"Think of my trees stripped of their beauty, pruned and cut bare yet fruit a thousand times better for the pruning arise. You are in the hands of a Master-Gardener. He makes no mistakes about His pruning. Rejoice."

Rest and restore, my dear. You are in the Hands of a Master Healer.

I know you know.

In love and spirit,


k_stin said...

I saw your story when I returned from my Thanksgiving travels. You have been in my thoughts all day and I am praying for you and Brian, especially as he starts a new job this week. I know the Lord will sustain you.