Monday, October 4, 2010


I have dismissal duty every weekday at 3:00pm. I stand at the back of the school and call kids' names on a megaphone as their rides pull up to the sidewalk. I usually call out to them as they walk to their cars, "Have a good night. See you tomorrow!" Sometimes I pat them on the back and just say, "Bye."

But today, I was particularly taken by the conversation between a group of leftover students. Their rides didn't show up by 3:15. Three of the kids are siblings, and the other little first grader said, "Y'all are moving back home? Is your house better now?"

The siblings said, "Yeah. It's better. It's the same house, but it's nicer on the inside now."

I have no idea what's been going on with their house. I just now they've been living at a local shelter since school began.

I thought, "I can't imagine what poverty is like. I can't imagine not being cared for. I can't imagine not feeling safe in my home."

For the past several weekends, Brian and I have been major homebodies. We've purposefully kept our schedule clear, so that we can use our weekends to rest and recharge. Other than venturing out for church and a quick errand, we've mostly spent our time in our home. We love our home. We certainly don't love everything about it, but I love that it's inconvenient to town. It forces us to rest. It forces us to really think about whether or not we need to eat out or run errands. It makes us plan our outings. At first, this seemed like a pain, and sometimes it really is, but I love that we stay home so much.

I think that being home is therapeutic. Sometimes I look around at people and they are literally running themselves ragged. They go from long hours at work to errands after work to eating out to home at bedtime, all to start over the next day.

Not so for us. We go to work. We leave as soon as we can, and we generally go straight home. It's not for everyone, but in this season of our life, it is for us. The Lord has called us to retreat, and He's provided a beautiful haven for us to do just that. I can't imagine life being different.

I wish these children could experience the same safety and security and rest. Most of us can't even begin to imagine the burdens they carry on their shoulders. Have you ever just praised God that He has provided a safe home for you? Today, I'm doing just that.


Anonymous said...

I used to work for child protective services- I imagine the kids you mentioned lived in a "dirty house" as we call it. P.S. when we say "dirty house" we mean like no working toilets, pet feces, rotting food, no electricity, no beds, no food etc. often times it means drug paraphernalia lying around, just basically very unlivable.

Julie-CA said...

Yes, but not as much as I should.
I've lived in Cali my entire life (other than the 2 days after I was born and I was up in Washington until my parents came to pick me up - I was adopted) but anyways, you get the point. My husband and I moved out of state for a couple eyars and moved back here November of last year. We missed everything CA has to offer and once our little guy was born, we wanted to be back near family. Anyways, we've been renting a house and looking for a home to buy so we could be home owners again like we used to be. It's hard not making this house our "home" and I've struggled being content and grateful as a renter. We put an offer on a house last week and found out yesterday that they went with another offer over ours. I was bummed, yet trusting the Lord will open the door for the right house to make our home when His time is right. It's been a battle though and far too easy to pity myself that it's not "our home."
Thank you for your reminder that even though we are renting this house, it is still a roof over our head, a safe beautiful place to retreat to day in and out and it's a blessing that the Lord provided for us. Homeowners or not, I have much to be thankful for.