Sunday, October 10, 2010

A Family Gathering

Today was a beautiful day to celebrate my grandfather's 76th birthday! My family gathered at my grandparent's house for the occasion. They've been working their fingers to the bone to update their home, and it was fun to see the fruit of their labor.

You know, it was interesting to sit and listen to Papaw talk today. He was talking about how he's been taking a long look at his life and considering whether or not he was satisfied at how things had unfolded for him. He said that he had lived a full life, but he always felt like he could do more in the way of church work. This was interesting to me because he and granny give their all to their church. They are there every time the doors are open, and sometimes when they are not. They've lived out the "body of Christ" in their place of worship for many years. In fact, they've inspired me to invest deeply into the lives of others.

I'm sure that it is hard to get older. In many ways, I've wrestled with many of the thoughts that undoubtedly enter the minds of older people. It's hard to look at your life with the end in mind, but I do believe that's what we are all called to do on a daily basis. We are to sacrifice and submit our time, talents, and resources to God's use, regardless of our age. Just something for us all to think about...

And now, for the pictures :)

McCafe is fine, but it is no Starbucks. I love a good cafe latte. I could drink one any time, any day, but McDonald's version didn't quite hit the spot.
"Stickerth" Sweet little Hensley has the sweetest little voice!

Ellie and the infamous backpack. Don't you dare try to touch that thing! You'd think she was carrying around solid gold in there.
David and Papaw look at digital photos.
Jake (my cousin) flipped the burgers.
Beautiful Mamacita and Sister!
I heart him. :)
Have a good week, friends! I'm off to take a Sunday afternoon nap. I just love those!


one of nettie's girls said...

Fancy boots, Brian!

Erin said...

Um, can I just look like a model in that pic of you and Brian! Love the yellow/black/big belt/sweater combo. Totally stealing that. ;) Glad you had a nice family day.

Julie-CA said...

I love a good afternoon nap as well. =)
Thanks for the pictures and good insights about life to think on today.
(P.S. I'm putting a comment in the "grand finale" section in your Bible study section...)

Michele said...

OMG...Liz you're looking wonderful. Beautiful pics...thanks so much for sharing!


Alabamamom said...

What a wonderful family! I'm getting so old. My eyes didn't see that Brian had boots on, I thought he had on shoes and white socks. It wasn't until I saw Nettie's girls comment that I looked again and saw that they were boots. They really are cool looking but that's to be expected from such a cool guy.