Sunday, October 24, 2010

Claim to Fame

One of my claims to fame is the fact that I'm Chelsey's older sister. Chelsey is one of the most charismatic, honest, authentic, vibrant personalities that you'll ever meet. She is often the life of the party, and she is one of the most quick-witted people out there. She'll keep you on your toes! I just love that little lady!

Since I am the older and wiser sister, I often get to do her makeup for school dances. It's not that I'm the makeup guru, but that I'm confident. I've learned that, regardless of whether you know what you're doing or not, confidence can take you a LONG way! :)

Anyway, this weekend she had a homecoming dance at school, and I was the designated makeup consultant. She's so pretty that it's effortless to enhance her beauty.

In other news, I hope to be posting more regularly this week. I took a small hiatus to prepare for a speaking opportunity tonight. I figured that I better give the Lord ample opportunity to work over my heart and bring about His message in me. So, since that will soon be over, I can refocus my creative efforts and ramblings here.

I've missed ya'll!


Emily said...

We've missed you too!!!

Anonymous said...

I heard your speaking engagement last night. You were inspirational - and as always - gave God all the glory. It was no coincidence that someone in my family heard you speak last night as well - on the eve of their 1st chemo treatment. How perfect is God's timing? God is good! Thanks for your encouraging words.

Anonymous said...

we want more posts

Cherrie said...

You are both beautiful! It is nice to see sisterly love!

Anonymous said...

we want more posts

Anonymous said...

Wow! Your little sister is gorgeous! Her makeup looks fabulous, Lindsey! I just love to see blogs about your sisters!