Sunday, September 12, 2010

A Little Cupcake

Today, Hensley Grace (my niece) turns two. I remember when that sweet little girl was born. My mind was in a thousand places, and I hated that. I didn't have the mental capacity to dote on her like I wish that I could've. She entered this world only 8 short days after my world came to a crashing halt because of cancer.

In fact, tonight, when I was uploading the photos from her party, I couldn't help but praise God for His healing hand upon my family. When Ashley was pregnant with Hensley, the doctors were guessing the worst about her. Ashley and Brian went through great stress and pain, fearing the unknown, as they waited for their sweet daughter to come. Her head was measuring very small, in proportion to the rest of her body, and Ashley and Brian were terrified for her life. It was at this point that she received her middle name, Grace. I have chills covering my body, just thinking about His grace. This precious angel is a testimony of His power. She is the recipient of much prayer, and I continue to wait in humble expectation of what the Lord will accomplish through sweet Hensley.

Nothing is a mistake. Nothing is a coincidence. It is all by His masterful design.

Here are a few looks into our precious time of celebration.

The spread:
The party was cupcake-themed. Ashley and Brian throw fabulous parties. And, yes, they MADE all of these cupcakes!

The little cupcake, herself!
What a difference a year makes! Look at the change since her 1st birthday!

Now that I said all of those nice things about Hensley, I can also tell you that she is a girl who KNOWS what she wants! Apparently, this was NOT it! Maddox was trying to reassure her, though.

Finally, she got to eat that thing!
Sisters, sisters!
Dad, you're actually smiling!
Brian and Grandma.
Such a big girl!
Especially, when compared to a year ago.

This was the same meltdown as before. The pictures are just out of order.
Maddox the Magnificent is always so eager to help!

Dough-ru! That's how she says her name.
Aunt Chelsey (or, Uncle Chester, as we like to call her) is so pleased with her Dough-ru gift.

Sweet Mamacita!
Chelsey and her Brians. What a lucky gal to have such fabulous brothers-in-law!

Hensley Grace, your Uncle Brian and Aunt Lindsey love you very much. Happy Birthday, Dear One!

Luke 2:40 "And the child grew and became strong; it was filled with wisdom, and the grace of God was upon it."


That's Mrs. Russell said...

How sweet! What a fun day!! I bet she is quite the blessing to your family.

Rebecca (Craving Simplicity) said...

How fun!!

Julie-CA said...

She's cute. Love the curls!