Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A list.

A haphazard (because I think the word "random" is extremely overused) list of thoughts:

1. Saturday was the 2nd anniversary of my first diagnosis of breast cancer. It never occurred to me on that day. For that, God is to be praised! He has delivered me from SO much. His power is beyond belief! Cancer is no longer a constant thought.

2. I have the most severe hot flashes these days. Perhaps this is TMI, but they are AWFUL!

3. I haven't made dinner all week. Poor Brian. I'm worthless when I get home. Last night he made us dinner. Tonight, he made himself a frozen pizza. I'm telling you, I'm beat. I'd rather go hungry than go to the effort to make something.

4. Tonight, I lasted for 20 minutes on my P90x workout. It was sad. I'm SO out of shape.

5. My contact lenses have been a nightmare. I've been forced to wear glasses on several occasions lately. I hate it. I feel like the ugly, little glasses-wearing girl of my youth. Ugh!

6. I don't like loud noises. Clapping, yelling, loud music. Yuck!

7. I watched that show about hoarders tonight. It's so sad. Very sad. Brian said that I should watch it every night, so that I feel much better about the status of our house. I can be a bit OCD about a clean house. Although, living with Brian and 3 dogs has forced me to release a lot of that control.

8. Though I love my job, I don't like the person that I become when I work. Working takes it out of me. I become less disciplined in my faith, grumpier in my relationships, and lazy in my exercise habits. I'm not a good balancer of roles. I'm easily overwhelmed, and then I usually resort to pity parties. It's pathetic.

9. I'm ready for a full-on season change. I think that the change of seasons is so refreshing to our spirits.

10. I just noticed that it is 9:18pm. I usually try to start getting ready for bed at 9pm. Call me what you want, but I'm a woman who needs her sleep! I'm usually asleep by 10pm and up at 6am. It works for me.

Good night!


Julie-CA said...

Aww Lindsey. I will pray for you darlin' for your energy to be renewed when you get off work. I'm sorry. I admore that you're open and real with your struggles and not pretending to be super woman who has it all together constantly. That transparency is the first step to changing the things you detest, you know. Be encouraged. I'm praying for you out here in Cali. Night.

Rebecca (Craving Simplicity) said...

I totally agree with you on #8...I feel so scattered working. I'm ready for the stay at home days, but trying to enjoy the season the Lord has put me in!

Sweet Simplicity said...

I had lasik several years ago and had to wear my glasses for about 10 days before the surgery. I hated it. Isn't it amazing how one accessory can take us back to those awkward middle school days?? I'm sure you look great in your glasses!

Erin said...

What is this workout thing you are doing? Is it all the rage?