Thursday, August 5, 2010

My Arch Enemy!

I'm not really sure what an arch enemy is, but I hear my nephew, Maddox, use it a lot. He's 4, so surely it can't mean something terrible. I think he picked it up from SuperFriends, or whatever that show is with all the superheroes. Obviously, I'm only the aunt of a boy, and not the mom of a boy. I just know bits and pieces of important stuff :)

Anyway, this is my arch enemy today:

Never mind the fact that Jack and Elaine LaLanne (which, bless her heart for that name!) look like they are only about 60, and I think they are in their 90s. Of course, this could all be false information. I'm far too lazy to google their real ages. Never mind the fact that they are slim and trim and more energetic than anyone I've ever met.

I despise this thing! It has no less than 78 parts, and they must all be cleaned after each use. It takes up an enormous amount of counter space, but since I like clean counters, I always try to find a home for it in the cabinet. It's just a pain!

But, I decided to drag it back out last week. I put it away for quite awhile. I decided it was time for a rigid detox.

Back in January when I first met with a nutritionist, she informed me that regular detoxification is an important part of being healthy. And, fresh vegetable juice is a wonderful detoxifier. So, there you have it. But, I'm not happy about it.

It dawned on me this morning, that our spiritual lives are very much the same way. We cannot do the same things, day in and day out, and expect enormous changes in our Christlikeness. If we are to become more and more like Christ, we must move closer and closer to the purity that only He can provide. We must devote ourselves to knowing Him more, trusting Him fully, and submitting to His purposes. Just a thought.

In other words, did you know that daisies last forever? I bought these to go in the guest room when Sarah and Silas came for a visit. And, they are still kicking! Granted, they are quickly approaching their death, but that was a long, good life!

And now, I'm out to go study 1 Peter. Don't forget to check out the Bible Study tab (at the top), so that you can study right along with us. You can jump in at any time. I am convinced that God will do far more in our lives, through the study of His Word, than we could ever imagine for ourselves!


Amanda Williams said...

Just looked their ages up because I was curious.........Jack is 95 and Elaine is 83. And they certainly don't look it!

Dani said...

I enjoy reading your blog. I have a Juicer and love it it only has three peices that have to be cleaned and you can put them in the dishwasher which is a life saver for this busy mom. My daughter has some health problems so we have been doing a diet similar to yours. It is hard to first wrap your head around but after you get use to it it is easy. I use a lot of GF oats for bread type things. Also I love Almond flour but it is expensive so I use half almond and half oat or brown rice, its not quite the same but still good.
Im doing the bible study your doing and I am enjoying it.
God bless

k_stin said...

Yeah, my pastor says--if you want the same results, keep doing the same thing. To get different results, you have to do something different. He says it more eloquently than me, but that's the gist of it!

SB said...

What a good word! :-)