Monday, August 16, 2010

A Humbling Experience

Do you ever pray diligently for something and then respond in shock with the way that the Lord answers your prayer? I've been living out this very experience for the past several days.

You see, for weeks I've just been begging the Lord to teach me to live a life that is genuinely submitted to His supernatural control. I've been asking Him to make my life more about Him than it is about me. I've been praying that He would allow others to only see Him when the look at me.

The last few days have been interesting. I have a new job. I'm working in the same school, but I'm serving in a new role. I'm a literacy coach now.

If you want to learn a true lesson in humility, then change jobs. Nothing will knock you off of your block faster than trying to learn a new job. Nothing will make you spin your wheels and realize how much you truly do NOT know then assuming a new position.

So, today, I'm praising the Lord for His work in me. I'm thanking Him for finding me suitable for a lesson in humility. What a mighty God we serve.

I'm learning that, as I submit my own agenda and will to my Heavenly Father, He is faithful to purify me and refine me for His purposes and calling.

In other news, here are a few final pictures from my trip to Destin. You'll notice lots of photos of Chelsey. The lighting was INCREDIBLE on this one particular seaside evening, so I made her pose for photo after photo :)


mckenziegordon said...

Lindsay you are just so stunningly beautiful! Your vacation pics make me long for a vacation on the beach. So glad you had fun!

Julie-CA said...

Beautiful pictures of you all! You're right, the lighting was gorgeous.
I am so excited to hear you have a new position! I know you have shared you're not being as into the teaching role setting as much and I think it's great that the Lord opened the door for a new position that might harmonize with where your heart is at more. Please share everything about it... like, what exactly you will be doing from 8-2 (or whatever time), do you have your own office, cubical... also why do you think you will like this better then teaching in the classroom? Do tell! And send pictures of your work area if you can too, this is exciting! Change can be so fun! =)