Thursday, July 8, 2010


Recently, I've posted food-related statuses on Facebook, and they are quickly met with requests for recipes. Here's the thing, I am not creative enough to come up with my own recipes, but I'm a great copycat.

On Monday night, Brian and I made this pizza:

It was the first pizza that I've eaten since this whole nutrition overhaul began. I take that back, we had pizza one other time, but the crust was sorta not good, so it didn't really count. I am constantly experimenting in the kitchen with various recipes and ingredients. So far, Elana's blog and cookbook seem to be my favorite resources.

I like her best because she uses the same basic ingredients in most things. In other words, it's easy to have a pantry stocked for Elana's recipes. Many gluten-free bakers use so many ingredients that, by the time I've read the whole list, I'm no longer willing to gather everything to make it.

Also, I just really like using almond flour. It is much more nutritious than many other gluten-free alternatives. It has the same health benefits as almonds.

I have her cookbook, thanks to my sweet friend, Sandy, who also happens to be Brian's aunt. She introduced me to Elana's Pantry, and I'm so glad that she did. I really like having the printed recipes in front of me.

So far, I've made her blueberry muffins, pancakes, chocolate chip cookies, and pizza crust and sauce, and granola. As long as I follow the recipes to a T (process and ingredient list), everything turns out wonderfully. Brian and I both have been very impressed with the results.

The drawback? The cost. Her basic ingredients are blanched almond flour (yes, it must be blanched. I've already made that mistake.), grapeseed oil, and agave nectar. All of these are pretty pricey, so I'm not able to use this every single day. But, I'd say I make one of her recipes once a week, or so.

Okay. Okay. Now for the giveaway. . .

One of my favorite things to do is to set tables for various occasions. I'm weird. I know. But, to me, there is something so special about going to someone's house for dinner, and seeing that they took the time to set a place just for me. It makes me feel special and welcomed.

But, one of my constant problems is getting height on a table. You know how when you are setting up a shower table or something, and you set all of the food out on beautiful trays. Everything looks great, but it's SO flat, with no dimension?

Enter the cake pedestal:
I LOVE the versatility that this one provides. You could put a cake on a cake board and set it directly on the stand. Or, you could set it with a charger and coordinating plate of cookies or cupcakes. Or, you could use it to set a flower arrangement in the middle of the table. Or, you could set condiments on it. Or, you could set a bread bowl, draped with a beautiful towel, on it. The possibilities are endless! Oh, one more, if you have a drink station, you could use it to stack cups or house coffee fixins'.

You get the point. I like the style of it because it could go formal or casual - whatever the style of the gathering.

Now, how do you get this beauty?

It's easy. Leave a comment to answer the following question:

Do you regularly host people for dinner? What is your go-to meal?

1. If you link or mention my blog on your site, feel free to leave 2 comments.
2. Make sure you put your name if you are an anonymous blogger.
3. Contest ends tomorrow (Friday, 7/9) at 5:00PM

May the best one win!!!


Paula said...

I am technically challenged when it comes to computers. I'm not sure what you meant when you said "link back to you". Anyway, mine is bacon wrapped pork tenderloin. As for a side dish, roasted asparagus with slivered almonds.

Sweet Simplicity said...

This is a great giveaway! I love entertaining and wished I did it more. My go to meal is grilled pork chops and roasted red potatoes with rosemary.

Life and Times . . . said...

My go to recipe is lasagna. Quick and easy. Unfortunately we don't have people over as often as I would like, but we have big family meals a on major holidays and special occasions.

Lyndsey said...

Hi! You don't need to enter me in the contest but I have a recipe that I think *might* meet all of your nutritional requirements, is cheap, and is SUPER good. I don't know if brown rice is ok for you to eat but if not you could probably sub something else, and just eliminate the cheese if you want. Also I've used veg stock or white wine in place of the chicken stock and its still super yummy. I wanted to pass this along because its super healthy, one of my family's favorites, and I know how boring it can be when you have food restrictions and you fall into a food-rut! :) Instructions are below... have a great day!!

Chelsea said...

Hey Lindsey! I am glad you posted the link to Elena's blog. I have a friend my age who was recently diagnosed with Celiacs, and another friend whose 2 year old daughter was diagnosed with it as well. They have been struggling to figure out how to cook good gluten-free meals. I have passed on the blog to both of them. Thanks!

Rebecca (Craving Simplicity) said...

What a fun giveaway! I wish we could entertain more because I love it. My go-to company recipe is my momma's Sherry Mushroom Chicken...DELISH!

Anonymous said...

I like to entertain about once a month (it makes sure the house is clean!). In the winter it is formal in the dining room, good china and silver, and usually a casserole of some type. In the summer we entertain outside, grilling (sometimes pizza) and lots of fresh veggies.

podso said...

We often have friends over for meals. It's almost always chicken--in the summer, marinated grilled chicken breast with a fresh salad, bread, and either oven roasted red potato salad or rice of some sort, and a fruit pie or klondyke bars for dessert! Your pizza looks delicious. i make mine all the time, and with a whole wheat crust--that makes it a tad healthier!

Also not sure about the "link back to you."

mary said...

Only entertain in order to clean up the house! We have a huge garden, so I usually use homegrown produce along with something cooked on the grill.
Thanks, Lindsey

Anonymous said...

We do buffet type stuff when the groups gather here. Either a fajita buffet, breakfast buffet, roll your own tacos...etc.
Can't wait to pass along the blog to a friend who has to eat gluten-free!

Thanks - Holly M.

Anonymous said...

We don't get to entertain as often as we'd like to due to lack of space, but our go-to meal is fajitas! My husband grills beef and chicken, and we like to saute mushrooms and onions for whoever wants them. Fun, fairly easy, and everyone gets to pick their own fixins!! I recently learned the double layer cake with sliced fruit and homemade icing, so I like to make that for dessert. All of these meal posts are making me hungry! :)


Anonymous said...

I love to entertain but don't do it often enough. Depending on who is coming for dinner, I like to make salmon broiled in the oven or grilled chicken & vegi kabobs. Your pizza looks delish! Everyone's go-to meals sound great too! We should all entertain more often! -monica in ut

meeyeehere said...

I have not held a party in a few months but before that I was having parties and gatherings once a week.My quick meal that makes everyone happy are my homemade pizzas!

Painting 4 Him said...

Lindsey I love your blog. I read it nearly every day. I am so glad for your good reports, and for your encouraging word and REAL-ness. Keep it up darlin' woman of God.

We do regularly have guests, and like you, I love to make the table special for them when they come. My go to meal in the summer is barbecue chicken (savory-not sweet), roasted potatoes and veggies on the grill(zuccini, mushrooms...etc.)

Winter meal would be a soup and homemade bread. Yumsa!

Blessings, Victoria

Erin said...

Sadly, my 'go to' meal for company is to have Russell grill hamburgers! He makes them so well, and then I can just spend the time chatting and whipping up side dishes while he's at the grill with the men-folk. Oh well! Cute cake stand!

Anonymous said...

What a cool cake stand! We love hosting people at our house. Our go to meal is fajitas with homemade salsa and guacamole, cheese, peppers and onions. I usually serve it with a big fresh salad and fresh cut fruit. It is great because both the hubs and I can get involved.

Julia said...

What a beauty the cake stand is!
We have company occasionally and the thing we often eat are mini pizzas. We will use everything bagels cut in half and load it with sauce, veggies, and pineapple and top it with a little cheese (soy that is). We are vegetarians so we don't do meat but I guess you could add meet if you like. It's very yummy and then we will have a side of munches and a corn on the cob or some other veggie. YUMMM!

Anonymous said...

We regularly host dinners, but usually for family so paper plates rule! I frequently make my husband grill, and add a big broccoli-slaw salad with black olives, sesame seeds, and some vinegar/oil dressing. Yum! We always have fresh fruit on hand, so we toss a fruit salad together too...simple but yummy :)
Beth F.

Julie-CA said...

Well Lindsey, actually no, we don't reguarly host people for dinner because we actually don't have a table right now! We have gone without one for way too long but are very pleased with where we have been putting our money instead. I was just talking with my husband yesterday though about how I excited I am to get our table because I just love pampering guests and I think there are few better places to pamper guests and fellowship with them then around a table. We did have friends over for dinner a while ago and we all sat on the couches and we rolled out tupperware containers as tables... hehe. Anyways, I love this cake platter by the way. I have only made one cake before which was in May for our son Noah's 1st birthday... it was totally sunken in the middle and it's consistancy resembled a cookie rather than a cake. Yikes. Oh well. Good thing for me, he's only 1 and very gracious so I don't think he minded. Everyone else, maybe they did but no one said so. ;) So yeah, we might host dinners right now on high class tupperware and so maybe we serve have sunken cakes, but we have fun and doing it and that's what matters most! =)

keely said...

We don't host often enough, but my husband's work schedule isn't very conducive to it. My go to meal is Ina Garten's Parmesan Chicken with a salad and some simple side like pasta, couscous, rice, etc.