Thursday, July 29, 2010

Crisis Averted

Our crazy nutrition plan has become pretty commonplace for Brian and me. We don't think much about what we're eating, because we just know that we're going to be eating something that's on the diet. It's second nature.

But, I always panic a little bit when I am feeding others. I know that I'll guzzle down flax oil and kefir without thinking a thing about it, simply because it's what I do. But, when I'm having company, I don't want to submit them to my same strict regimen.

I can usually handle one meal without too much thought. I either feed them pasta with homemade marinara, homemade rolls, and salad. Or, we go with fajitas or tacos. I've mastered these meals. Oh, and always homemade ice cream or chocolate chip cookies for dessert. They are quick and easy.

When I learned that Sarah and Silas were coming for a visit, I was immediately excited. But, my next thought was, "What am I going to feed them?" I knew, from living with Sarah in college, that she is quite the picky eater. And Silas, well, I just had no idea...

"Do I make two meals? One for me and one for them? Do I force them to eat my way?" I pondered.

Finally, I decided, "If it's good for me, it's good for all. I don't feel right about feeding people food that I KNOW is bad for them. I just can't do it." So, I set out to make it work.

Meal 1:

Blueberry muffins made with coconut flour and frozen blueberries. You can find the recipe here. I leave off the cream topping because I serve them for breakfast. I know what you're thinking, "Coconut flour? I've never heard of such." It's very good and good for you, too. It is high in fiber and low in carbohydrates. And, it just tastes good.

Meal 2:

Pizza with gluten-free crust. Now, this crust was nowhere near as good as the tasty version that I made with almond flour. Almond flour is so good, but SO expensive, and I'm out of it. I need to order more, but I'm just having a hard time putting it in my grocery budget. Elana's Pantry uses lots of almond flour in the recipes. She also has a great recipe for pizza sauce. I just love her stuff, and Brian does, too. But, with a little research, you'll find that blanched almond flour usually starts around $7/lb.

I've found pizza to be a good way to get in lots of veggies. This particular one had spinach, onions, bell peppers, garlic, and organic hamburger meat. You'll notice that a few pieces are sans cheese. That's Sarah's picky eatin' for you!

(Please forgive the poor iPhone photo quality.)

Meal 3:

OUT! We took Sarah and Silas to eat at our favorite restaurant. It's a locally-owned restaurant with a Latin flair. We just love it! Their ingredients are fresh and they offer lots of seafood options for me. We ate on their beautiful outdoor patio, so that Silas could talk and play as much as he wanted. It was great!

After dinner, we went to our new yogurt place. It's one of those kind that's popping up everywhere. You know the ones. You get a bucket, fill it up yourself with as much as you want, scatter toppings all over it, and then pay out the wazoo for it because they charge by weight. It's a new hot spot, and it was packed! I wrangled Silas while the others enjoyed their yogurt. Sorry no photos :(

[I have no idea why the color changed on me. I get so frustrated with blogger.]

Meal 4:

Pancakes (gluten-free) and organic eggs. I used a gluten-free mix for this, and they were NOT good. The mix had bean flour in it, and it was just yuck. Surprise, surprise, I prefer the Elana's Pantry version with almond flour. I'm telling you, I love that stuff! I also like buckwheat pancakes, though.

Of course, when in doubt, Elmo crackers will ALWAYS do the trick! Luckily, I new in advance that Elmo was the way to Silas' heart!
So, see? There was no need for me to panic over meals. I didn't really panic. I just had to think hard about it. I just made the normal stuff, but I made it my way. And, it worked.

Happy Hosting!

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