Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A New Favorite

People often ask, "So, what do you eat?" I'll admit that it's hard to find something to eat in many situations. But, I have a new favorite at home. . .

Last Sunday I was making salads for lunch, and I had the spinach leaves already on our plates when Brian came along behind me and threw a few raspberries on his. "Mmmm. Add some to mine, too!" We then topped it off with onion, slivered almonds, organic mozzarella, and a homemade balsamic vinaigrette (I just looked up how to spell this word. If this still isn't right, please accept my apologies. It just looks strange.)

The next day I was out of raspberries, so I threw blackberries into the mix.

This salad is the perfect summer meal! It's packed full of essential vitamins and nutrients, and includes the powerful cancer-fighters in berries, spinach, onions, and olive oil. Plus, it's just so pretty.

Try it! You might like it!


Sandy Gillett said...

It's BEAUTIFUL! When I eat a really good salad, like this one, I always think, "I could eat this every day, every meal", then I don't. It reminds me of all the blessings I don't take advantage of. In spite of myself the Lord patiently presents them to me anyway.

A Nerd and A Free Spirit said...

Yum! I have been a salad with spinach, tomatoes, feta, walnuts and an organic raspberry vinaigrette that is so yummy! Very similar to yours. YuM!!!


k_stin said...

Yum! Looks great! I have been using slivered almonds with practically every vegetable lately. I think they are really tasty.

Amber said...

Wow. Sounds fantastic. Please share your homemade vinagerette (sp?)! I would love to have the recipe!