Tuesday, June 22, 2010

More Celebrations

Good Evening, Friends!

For this week, I have no shortage of pictures to share. June is the month of celebrations on Pleasant Drive. It's nice to have so many reasons to celebrate!

On Saturday night, we got together with Brian's family for a combo celebration for Dale's birthday (my FIL), Fathers' Day, and my birthday. We started out at one of our favorite restaurants. They have more traditional latin food than many of the places around us. It's yummy! And, they have a number of entrees that are edible for me!

Do you love Brian's glasses? Who knew women's shades could be so becoming on a man, right? Always the jokester!

Do you love Brian's glasses? He looks lovely in women's shades, doesn't he? Always the jokester!

The crew. Brian and Judy (my MIL) seem to be worked up about something. They can talk for hours about politics and the oil and gas industry.
I love family resemblances, don't you? You can definitely tell who is NOT related by blood in this photo! Me, Lauren (my SIL), and Judy

My precious in-laws!

Lauren and Josh were in charge of the dessert. I wasn't expecting to have a dessert. But, they found an organic, naturally sweetened, crustless cheesecake! How sweet of them to get it for me!
And, Brian got rubber boots that day. This is in Dale and Judy's backyard. Isn't it beautiful?
Brian's family has become less of "his" and more of mine this year. I love the way the Lord works in families to change them and grow them. It's something only He could do.

I feel so incredibly blessed to call these people "mine". They are mine. And, I'm so very grateful.


Sandy Gillett said...

You are incredibly beautiful!! I wish so much we could have been there too! Love you all lots.

k_stin said...

That looks like a fun celebration. Your sunglasses look neat. And I just wanted to say, you are looking really healthy! I was thinking the words radiant and glowing!

Paula Chaffin said...

Brian and Lindsey,
You both look like summer is treating you well. You both look so good with sunshine and sonshine heaped upon you!!
Stormin His Throne on your behalf!
The Chaffin's

April said...

You look so, so good! You look like you FEEL good in these pictures. I'm so glad you guys have so much to celebrate :)

Anonymous said...

You look amazing, so beautiful!
Hope your feeling as well as you look!!!
I DO LOVE the in-laws back yard!
Have a great day,

Erin said...

Lindsey, you look beautiful.

Michele said...

You are so beautiful...looks like you had a grand time!

Big hugz,

Mandy from Burkett Blessings said...

Looks like so much fun! What a blessing to have such wonderful families to celebrate everything with. I have an award for you on my blog, so check it out when you have a chance.