Monday, June 28, 2010

Full Day

Good Evening, My Precious Friends,

My day started at 4:30AM, and that was a LONG time ago! I awoke early this morning to make it to the hospital in time to see my sweet dad before he went in for his heart ablation. Thank you so much for covering him in prayer. Although the procedure went smoothly, it didn't completely achieve all that it was hoped to achieve. :( But, dad is okay. To me, that's the main thing.

Once I left the hospital, I went straight to my own medical appointment. I had a checkup with my oncologist today. You know what? She changed my status today to "no evidence of disease"! I'll take it! I've gained 10 lbs since I first lost when I changed my eating habits. Now, I don't want to gain another ounce! My new goal is to firm up this healthy body! What a blessing it was to have such an upbeat appointment!

Then, I left there and picked up my sister, Chelsey, for a Smoothie King date. I was eager to hear about some exciting, new developments in her life. She's so charming and full of life. I just love being around her!

Then, I went back to the hospital to drop Chelsey off and give Dad another check before heading home for the evening. He seemed to be doing well. They are keeping him overnight for monitoring.

On the way home, I stopped by Sam's because our cupboards were bare! Did you know that Sam's has a lot of organic produce? It's my favorite place to buy it.

By the time I made it home in the 90 degree heat, I was ready to crash on the couch, but the night continues on - for now. I'm about to put this one in the books!

Only a couple of hours ago, I learned of a tragedy in one of my dear friend's lives. Her mother suddenly passed away this afternoon, after having her gallbladder removed on Friday. My heart immediately broke when I heard the news, and it continues to hurt now. But, you know what I thought about when I heard this? Last time I talked to my friend, I asked, "How are things going?" Her reply was, "God is doing some incredible things in my life." Y'all, the Lord has been drawing her to Him and maturing her faith by leaps and bounds over the last 2 years. I've been able to watch it with pure joy. And because of the changes that He has made in her, she will be okay. This doesn't mean her heart won't hurt and she won't be in shock, but it does mean that He is good, even in this tragedy. And, my friend already knows that. What beautiful faith!

At the onset of my day, I realized that I wasn't going to have leisurely time to sit quietly before the Lord today. So, what does a girl do when she knows that will be the case? You fit it in. Today, that meant fitting it in while I waited at the doctor's office. It wasn't quiet, and it wasn't ideal. But, it worked for today.

The tragedy in my friend's life reminded me that we never know what our days will hold. Y'all, we have to be at the ready at all times. We are guaranteed trials and suffering in this world. John 16:33 says, "I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world."
My challenge to us today is for us to equip ourselves with the Word of God, so that we might be ready when trouble comes. Because... it will.

Please pray for my friend tonight.


Julie Adams Gray said...

When I heard of Missy's mom my mind flashed back to the day I lost my mother suddenly... and it again hurt like fire ablazing... I am praying for the words though there are none... I can seriously look back at the past nine years at what God has done in my life and how it has changed the entire path. We can simply do nothing without Him.

podso said...

So thankful for your good news!

April said...

Man, what an emotional day you've had! I'm so glad to hear of your official disease-status-change :)

Also, I was wondering - are you familiar with CSAs? I don't know if there are any in your area, but since you're so committed to organic food, it'd be a good thing to check out ... you can get good, organic food for fair prices AND help local farmers and your local economy as well! They're great programs to be a part of.

Praying for your friend during this difficult time.

That's Mrs. Russell said...

yay for a good report!!

Camille said...

Rejoice and again I say rejoice. I am rejoicing with you at your new health status.

Terry said...

Hooray for "no evidence of disease". You are looking really good. So sorry to hear of your friend's mom passing. Hope your dad is OK.