Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Since we first laid eyes on our home, the goal has been to totally change it. We were in love with its unique qualities and good bones, but that's where the love affair ended. In fact, when we first moved in, it was kind of fun to watch lookers mosey from room to room with an eyebrow raised in concern of our taste.

I've always liked houses that I could change. The very first house that I purchased was definitely in constant evolution. I didn't buy it for its beauty, but for its potential.

Then, when we sold that house, we lived in a new home. I was quickly bored. I couldn't paint anything or change anything. It was all new.

So, I knew when we set out to find our next place, it was important to me to have a home where I could put my own stamp. Without a doubt, this house is just the place to do that.

This weekend, Brian and his dad got busy working on our sidewalk. The builder cut corners and ended the sidewalk in the middle of the yard. Then, there were haphazardly placed stepping stones to the street. ICK! I hated this. Every house needs a respectable entryway.

Here are the guys as they were beginning the process. You can see how the sidewalk ends before it reaches the street. Strange!

Be still my heart! He is so handsome! I've always loved him in a baseball cap. Forwards, backwards, you name it!
Vito. This guys is definitely a man's dog. I often tell Brian how ugly I thought he was when I first saw him. He literally looks like a pudgy little pig. You can't tell that in this picture. Brian and Dale (his dad) just adore this dog. Between the two of them, he can definitely do no wrong. Now, I feel the same way. I can't imagine that I ever thought he was ugly. He's a constant source of humor for us.
Gladys. Please don't judge her dirty face. She had been rooting around in the dirt that they were digging up. She is so sweet. I've never met a dog as obedient and loving as she is. Although, if you are a stranger, she'd rather cross a 6-lane interstate than meet you. She did that once.
They are good supervisors.
Where's Wally in all of the fun? He was passed out by the front door.

Here is the most finished picture that I have. It's still not complete. When I see this picture, my mind reels with landscaping ideas. Too bad they are all costly, timely, and require enormous effort. One day...


one of nettie's girls said...

I love the step-down to the street. Very nice. I am so happy when you show us pictures of your home and yard and, yes, the dogs. I didn't use to care for animals much but my sister and her kids love big dogs and they grew on me. Your dogs seem just right!

Sandy Gillett said...

I love you house and everything you've done to it! Your "mind reels with landscaping idea"! Oh, please come to mine and help, help, HELP!! Love you.