Monday, June 7, 2010

2 Years (A Letter)

My Dearest Brian,

Wow! How is it possible that it can only be two years into our marriage? On the one hand, it seems like only yesterday that we were preparing for our big day. But, in so many more ways, it feels as if I've always had you by my side.

As I look back at these pictures, my heart runs the full gamut of emotions. I can't help but giggle at the very idea that I didn't really even know you then. I mean, I knew you. I knew your basic likes and dislikes, your history, and your future plans. I was aware of many of the little personality quirks that you have that make you unique. But, truly, I didn't know the depth of your character or the delights of your soul.

Look at this one. Man, I had butterflies doing somersaults in my tummy. I was so glad that the day had finally come, but it was sure stressful to have so many eyes on us. There will likely never be another time in our life where all of these special people are gathered around us in support of our union. What a special blessing that was.
I can still remember the relief that was washing over me at this very moment, and it is evident that you felt it, too. What a symbolic thing the aisle represents! We go up the aisle separately, with two different lives, and then join in covenant union, only to depart as one.

Bri, I think we've done this so well. I think we've combined our lives into a beautiful whole, and I can't imagine a more wonderful result. You are no longer the man who entered that ceremony, and I'm no longer the woman who went up the aisle. Now, we are one.
I got tears in my eyes when I looked at this picture today. I love your face. It looks like you were giving me a stern talkin' to. I'm sure that you most certainly were not, but that's what it looks like. Then, I didn't realize then how much you communicate with your eyebrows. I can tell your exact expression simply by your eyebrow placement.

It's also comical because I'm the one finding it funny, and you look more serious. My! What a role reversal. That rarely happens with us!

But, you know the thing that struck the biggest chord in me? Your care for me. You were doing it from day one. You were protecting me and caring for me from day one. We definitely couldn't have dreamed about what would be coming our way in the future months. We had no idea the trials that we would be put through. We couldn't fathom the tests of our love and faith that were sure to come. But you know what? We were ready from day one. You led the way, and we've emerged basically unharmed by it all. You protected us. Defended us. Cared for us.

This picture is fuzzy, but it's so symbolic. Without a doubt, one of the hardest things in a marriage is leaving one's own family to establish a new union. But, that's exactly what we are called to do. Brian, the easy thing to do on so many occasions would've been for us to drop our allegiances and run back to the nests that carefully nurtured us to adulthood. We definitely would've found love and support there. But, you led the way in holding onto the command of scripture to "leave and cleave". That's not to say that it's always been easy. It has not. But, it is to say that it was always right. And, now look at us! We are one. We have created our own identity in Christ. We have allowed Christ to form us into an inseparable team that relies only on God and each other. I wouldn't trade the world for that.

My precious Brian, I wound't want to do this whole life thing with anyone else. You are it for me. You are my protector, my provider, my playmate, my leader, my comedian, my sounding board, my sanity, my confidante. You have my heart for today and for always.

Happy Anniversary!
With all my love,


April said...

Aww, Happy Anniversary!!! Ours is on Wednesday - we're celebrating our third this year :)

Susan said...

Happy Anniversary!! What a wonderful tribute to your husband. Every marriage has it's trials...some more than others...but how we deal with those tough times show how strong we are as a couple.

Each time I read your blog I am amazing at your strength and resilence. Enjoy your day and I wish you many more Happy Anniversaries with Brian! My husband and I just celebrated our 11th on May 29th!


Sandy Gillett said...

It was a wonderful day and an amazingly beautiful, wonderful wedding. I have been and continue to be so touched and awed by the entire chain of events. I was so impressed with Dale's wedding sermon. I'll never forget when he said, "God has something very unique planned for this couple. They will impact the world." It was a profound prophetic statement and it's unfolding one step at a time. I love the bubble picture, it's was on my screensaver until just a couple months ago. I can't tell you how much I love you both, you are very special to me. Love, Aunt Sandy

Anonymous said...

Brian,You are still my hero. Thank you for loving our daughter and for caring for her like no one else could. I cannot fathom how the last 2 yrs would have unfolded had God not brought you to Lindsey and to us. Happy Anniversary!

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary! What a amazing post and love you have.

podso said...

A beautiful letter, and a happy anniversary. You two have much to celebrate.

Shelly said...

Happy anniversary! I totally relate to what you said about not really knowing them on your wedding day. You come to know them so much more after marriage that it seems like you were strangers that day! Crazy!

Jenny said...

you have one of the most beautiful strapless wedding dress on that i have ever seen. congrats to two years and best wishes for many more to come.

Alabamamom said...

Happy Anniversary! The Lord has/is/and will continue to use your marriage as a testimony to His honor and glory.

Norma said...

WOW Lindsey! What an incredible tribute to an incredible man! I can't even imagine what all you two have gone through in two short years - but it is evident that God has brought you through it together. There is nothing like having a great man to spend your life with and walk with you through the tough times. Happy Anniversary to a fabulous couple! HUGZ! (PS - your wedding was beautiful!)

Ruth - Grandma said...

Happy Anniversary! You both are so special. What a wonderful tribute to Brian. The pictures brought back fond memories of your beautiful wedding. I know God has been with you through the past two years and He will continue to be with you through the years to come.
I love you both so very much!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful way to say Happy Anniversary to your husband. I read your blog daily! Soooo uplifting! God bless you.