Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Some trust in chariots...

Psalm 20:7 says, "Some trust in chariots and some in horses, but we trust in the name of the LORD our God."

Y'all, I'm trusting only in Him this morning. It's been a busy, wonderful couple of days. Yesterday, I went to see my doctor in Dallas who oversees my supplements and nutrition plan. He said that I looked fabulous, and he made some adjustments to my supplement regimen. One of the supplements tore my tummy up last night, but I'm hopeful that my body will quickly adjust.

My younger sister, Chelsey, was so sweet to go to the doctor with me. Since I've had hundreds of doctors' appointments in the past couple of years, Brian can't always go with me. We have a rotation in my family to make sure that I never have to go alone. It was her turn to babysit me. Luckily, the doctor also had some good information for her on keeping her body healthy with a smattering of bad genes. She has family history for breast cancer like you wouldn't believe.

My doctor is so good at making people realize that, while some of us do possess a plethora of genetic mutations that create a great environment for cancer growth, we do not have to sit back and wait for it to hit us. It's not inevitable. We can change our bodies' environments to protect ourselves. In the last six months or so, I've changed my tune from "early detection is the key" to "prevention is the key".

Now, back to the title of this post - "Some trust in chariots..."

This morning I got a phone call from my insurance pre-certification company. The bottom line is that they have denied my treatment. They say that it is not "medically appropriate" and that there are no studies to prove its effectiveness.

As you can imagine, one tends to come slightly unglued when a stranger in a cubicle calls to tell you that they have decided you don't need a specific treatment. I was not at my best during this conversation.

Now, we've entered an appeals process, but she didn't give me a a lot of hope that this would work either.

Y'all, at first, I was overwhelmed by this news. Even though I knew that there was a good chance that my treatment would be denied, it just made me mad!

But, I remembered something that I've been whispering constantly to myself - God's goodness is constant. There is never a situation in which God is not good. So, I can't worry about this treatment or its cost.

Without insurance, I believe this treatment will sing to the tune of over $120,000. So, we're just praying this out.

Can you join with us?

1. Thank God that He is good, and that His perfect plan continually prevails in my life and health.

2. Thank God for His supernatural financial provision for us.

3. Ask God to make His treatment plan clear and evident.

4. Ask God to make a way.

5. Praise Him because He is already doing this :)

Thank you for allowing me to spill my guts, my fears, and my worries to you.

Now, let's sit back and watch God work.


Kelli Davis said...

Wowza. That's a scary place to be, my friend! I love your insight and maturity, though, because you are absolutely right- God's provision is good AND constant. Praying, praying, praying.

Anonymous said...

I think insurance companies were made to specifically challenge are patience and faith!

one of nettie's girls said...

We trust in the name of the Lord our God! And aren't you glad we have Him? I will be praying for God's perfect provision in this circumstance. Love and prayers.

Julie-CA said...

Are they denying covering your chemo treatment plan or the nutrition plan? I'm confused.
I will pray about this Lindsey and will stand by you confident in our Lord's faithfulness.

Leslie said...

I will be praying Lindsey. Your faith and courage never cease to amaze me!!! God can be trusted and I will pray he will be glorified to the max!!! Love you girl...

Erin said...

Good grief. Frustrating. Will be praying for you, friend.

Anonymous said...

The Way has been provided. It awaits. Just keep moving forward, in FAITH, BELIEF, KNOWING, and LOVE. This is a test. Don't doubt for a minute that God will not provide. Remember to breathe, and continue on, doing what you are doing to heal.

ALL is well. YOU are WELL. Act it. Remember it. BELIEVE it. KNOW it.

You remain in the palm of His hand.

In love and prayer,


Alabamamom said...

The words of Twila Paris's song "God is in Control" come to mind:
This is no time for fear
This is a time for faith and determination
Don't lose the vision here
Carried away by emotion
Hold on to all that you hide in your heart
There is one thing that has always been true
It holds the world together

God is in control
We believe that His children will not be forsaken
God is in control
We will choose to remember and never be shaken
There is no power above or beside Him, we know
God is in control, oh God is in control

History marches on
There is a bottom line drawn across the ages
Culture can make its plan
Oh, but the line never changes
No matter how the deception may fly
There is one thing that has always been true
It will be true forever

He has never let you down
Why start to worry now?
He is still the Lord of all we see
And He is still the loving Father
Watching over you and me

watching over you...watching over me..
watching over every things..
watching over you..watching over me..
every little sparrow..every little things...

Anonymous said...

We are on two very different journeys but that verse has been an amazing encouragement to me over the past day. Thank you for your faithfulness. Praying for a God-sized answer for you.

Kelley said...

I don't comment often, but I love reading your blog! I am actually working in Radiation Oncology as a nurse, and there is always an insurance company that will try to deny treatment. Please let your Medical and Radiation Oncologist know that they are trying to deny treatment. I know they will also step up to fight this battle too! We recently had a physician (who had been diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma) denied a more expensive radiation treatment because of "lack of literature demonstrating the need for this more expensive treatment option." Our authorization department and the radiation oncologist sent countless literature and made numerous phone calls, and after about 3 firm denials, he was approved!

I will be praying for you, but please let your doctors know (which they probably already do). They will join you in this battle!

God is good!