Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Let your body do the talking!

Good morning, Lovelies!

I'm home today with a splitting headache and a particularly strong draw to the porcelain throne. I won't go into anymore gory details, because I know that you get my drift.

I was really thinking that I might make it all 5 days this work week, but alas, my body had other plans. You know, since my first diagnosis of cancer, back in the old days of 2008, I have made it my aim to allow my rest to be driven by my body.

Let me be abundantly clear, there are few things that can be controlled in this world of cancer, which is very offensive to controlling personalities like mine. But, I have learned a big, huge lesson about rest. When I am feeling rundown and weary, taking a day of rest for refreshing is critically important to my overall well being. I'm yearning for the days when I can just blow and go without any side effects slowing me down, but I'm not quite there yet. For now, when exhaustion sets in, I will rest.

This morning, I was praying before I began to blog, just as I often do. I just know that if I start speaking/writing out of my own heart, then I'm sure to be offensive and ineffective. I need the Lord. Just as the song says, "I need Thee every hour, most gracious Lord." You have no idea just how lacking in grace I can be without the Lord :)

Can you tell I have a major headache? I keep running off on these wild goose chases.

But, this morning, the Lord made something very evident to me. I think that in all things, we are commanded in scripture to let our bodies do the talking. In Philippians 2, we are taught to "work out" our salvation. I'm not advocating salvation by works. On the contrary, I believe that when Christians are living their daily lives, their love for the Lord should be evident in their actions. This hit me where it hurts!

I thought this morning, "When I go to the grocery store, can the cashier sense my love for the Lord? Or, do I act just like the rushed person in front of me? When I go to the doctor, am I open with my medical expert about the fact that I'm trusting God's healing? Or, do I frantically behave as if their answers are the only ones that matter? When I am at a restaurant, do I take a second to ask the waiter if there is anything I can pray for him/her before I eat my meal? Or, do I just casually voice the same old prayer that I always pray?"

Today, my prayer is that the Lord would remind me to let my actions communicate my love for Him. Let's show people how big the Lord is in our lives.


Anonymous said...

Hope you feel better as the day wears on.

The photos from the Race for the Cure are wonderful....your hair looks wonderful.

We do Relay For Life up here during the summer and we are proud to walk with my mother, a survivor.

Take care and keep your strong faith.

God Bless from Iowa...

Kathryn said...

Praying you've had a day of rest!