Wednesday, May 19, 2010

How does your garden grow?

Good Midday!

Yeah, you heard me right. I'm coming to you from the middle of my day. What a blessing! I have had the wonderful privilege of being able to rest when my body is weary, so I'm home today. On both diagnosis occasions, my school and school district have created a sick pool for me. This is a pool of donated days off from so many wonderful friends. They have been a lifesaver for me. I don't know what I would've done if I was forced to work myself into exhaustion. Anyway, today I am using one of those lucky days :)

My first treatment was uneventful. Praise the LORD! Brian and my stepmom met me at the cancer center, and kept me company while I was receiving the infusion. We enjoyed chatting and catching up. And then, I had an extra special surprise - a sweet friend (and fellow breast cancer warrior) dropped by with a beautiful bouquet of sunflowers and a precious card. How thoughtful she was to remember me and my tough day, when she, too, is fighting the fight. Thank you so much, Lisa!

In other news, I've been thinking recently that I have fallen down on my commitment to take lots of pictures of our everyday life. I just haven't kept the camera at the ready like I used to, but I'm making an effort now. I get bored with blogs that don't have pictures. I need to SEE what's going on, not just read about it.

One of our biggest going ons these days is yardwork. Our yard was/is a disaster area. I think that I've mentioned before that our house was a big blessing to us because it was a foreclosure situation. Anyway, it seems that when one is about to lose his or her home, he or she is not concerned with the status of the yard. Thus, our yard is a wreck! We have more weeds than grass and more dirt than weeds. You can imagine its beauty!

So, Brian and I have been babying it and pampering it, trying to coax the ten blades of grass to be fruitful and multiply. Our efforts seem to be working, but it is a slow process.

As you know, we resurrected the courtyard from its dismal state, and it is doing quite well.

So, our next project was our front flower bed. Let me tell you, this was no easy task. We ripped out hedges, tilled the dirt, spread a new layer of soil, and planted until our backs were breaking. Here are a few pictures from the day:

I haven't taken any pictures of the finished product yet, because, well, it isn't finished. It was so hot at the garden center when we were getting the plants that I forgot several things that I needed. So, perhaps I'll have pictures to share after this weekend.

Love to you all! More pics of everyday life to come!


Kristi Sampson said...

I was so glad to have run into you me thinking about better diet choices. So...I've been researching the Maker's Diet this afternoon. Do you have an online source for menus? And, btw, you are such an inspiration! You have meant a ton to our family for a long time. Always praying for you, Kristi Sampson

Sandy Gillett said...

Beautiful!! I love your mower and trailer! I can't wait to see the landscaped yard!