Friday, May 28, 2010


Lately, I've been thinking a lot about callings. I, for one, believe that the Lord impresses upon us certain desires and dreams that are perfectly suited to the gifts, talents, and abilities that He has given us. The New Testament has a few references that allude to this idea.

Ephesians 4:1 [NIV] says, "As a prisoner for the Lord, then, I urge you to live a life worthy of the calling you have received."

2 Thessalonians 1:11 [NIV] says, "With this in mind, we constantly pray for you, that our God may count you worthy of his calling, and that by his power he may fulfill every good purpose of yours and every act prompted by your faith."

I think that I've been thinking about this a lot more lately because I feel like this whole cancer deal is in the bag. I fully believe that the Lord has my healing under control, and thus it's not something that I need to be focused on. It seems like my life is getting back to normal, where I don't ponder my destiny every single day. The fact is, my destiny is the same today that it was the day I was born, and it is the same now as it will be in ten years from now. I say all of this to say that my thoughts are free to think about other things.

With that, I always go back to the calling that I believe the Lord has placed on my life. You see, for several years now (with a few breaks to focus on health), I have felt the Lord calling me into full-time ministry. I feel as though the Lord is sharpening me and pruning me to look more like Him and less like me. Thank goodness!


Here's my problem; I have no idea how to act out this calling. I have no idea what steps to take or what path to go down, so I sit and wait. I firmly believe in Psalm 46:10 [NIV], "Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth." I believe that, until God moves us, we should sit still.

Do you know how frustrating this is?!??!? I'm sure that you do. We have all felt extreme impatience with God's timing. We have all had the experience of trying to do it our way, instead of God's way.

I just keep praying, "Okay God. I'm here. I'm healthy. I'm willing to do whatever you want me to do for your kingdom work. Now..... What do you want me to do?"

I'm sure that the Lord gets a kick out of me.

So, I'm curious. What do you feel the Lord has suited you for and called you to do?


April said...

I'm a NICU nurse. I realized that NICU was my calling the first time I set foot in a neonatal ICU when I was a senior in college. There's just something about those babies... I think God gave me His love for them, and lets me see them through His eyes.

I am in love with my job. Not always the hours or the drama or the hospital itself or the crazy people who are these babies' parents... but my JOB, the part where I take care of the babies, and try my darndest to teach people how to care for a preemie at home, no matter the circumstances... that's what I love. And God must have equipped me for this specifically... I hated clinicals in school, and I hated adult nursing care, but I love this and I'm good at my job and confident in it. Also, amazing doors have been opened in two different cities, and I've never had to work in any other area. I may not know a lot, but I do know that the NICU is where I'm supposed to be.

Jeze said...

What is my calling? What has God suited me to do? What I do every single day. I think a calling isn't necessarily something grand or obvious or enjoyable all the time. It's the daily service of giving and nourishing and loving and lifting up those around us. I have this quote from Jen Lemen, a favorite artist and writer, displayed above my desk:

"Real privilege is when you are invited to serve and you do it, even if it’s incredibly hard or annoying and not at all the picnic you had planned."

It's hard to live that sometimes. But it's the truth.

I have plenty to say on this topic, because I've been struggling with it myself--answering a calling I'm not sure I'm up to. But to bury my "talents" is an insult to the Creator who gave them to me and denial to myself of the joy of service and growth.

I'm glad you wrote this post. It has become a springboard for reflection for me.

Terry said...

I am doing exactly what I was called to do...teach. Since elementary school, I was "playing teacher". It's a blessing to have a stable career and not be job-hopping trying to find my calling.

Laura said...


I think you are already acting out part of your calling with this blog. I come here every day to read your insights and be moved by your testimony as to how you use God's word in your every day life. This may not be the calling that you know awaits, but it is indeed a start in that direction, or so it seems to me. Thank you for taking the time to share with others.

k_stin said...

I know exactly what you mean. I have had dreams for the past few years and God helped me in pursuing part of the dreams, but now I'm kind of in a holding pattern. I'm not sure how to take the next step, but I hope that by staying with Him, he will help the next steps happen.

kre said...

I was told about your blog from a friend of a friend of yours. I read it everyday, and I agree with Laura that I think this blog could be a part of your calling. I am always moved by your spirt and how real you are. And I love how you are able to find God in everything and share it with people. It's very Inspiring .

Tanya said...

I felt that way when my son had cancer. Maybe something good was supposed to come of this. After he passed away, I thought it would come to me...some big revelation of what I was supposed to do in his honor. It never came.

Over the years I've come to realize that my "calling" was to be his mother and that was enough for me. In fact, nothing could be greater than that role I filled. Many ppl said they were inspired by his battle..many people prayed over and over, maybe even people that rarely pray. Maybe that was enough of a calling and it didn't have to be something that was "in your face" and obvious.

So just a reminder that sometimes the calling God has for us is already happening and it's up to us to find the joy, strength and determination to make our gifts from God special in our hearts!

Have a blessed holiday weekend!! many more days until your summer break? Mine starts next week!!

podso said...

An important thing is that you are in tune that God may be calling you, and that you are open to what He might have in mind for you to do for Him. And another important thing is that you are doing things now that are used in others' lives, you aren't waiting for the "big thing." And another thing is that He often calls us to do things we already enjoy or are good at--for you that might be something to do with communication, Bible study, and compassion! It's exciting to let Him lead us (one step at a time, He usually doesn't let us see the big picture so we trust Him moment by moment.)

We have been working with missions/ministry since we married, and I also feel my work as a nurse is a true calling!

So thankful you are feeling well and encouraged by your progress.

Painting 4 Him said...

I agree with Laura, I feel you are already in the midst of God's calling on your life, and what a blessing you are! I am provoked daily by what you share.

I am a creative person, artistic, love to cook, sew, etc. I feel like God has blessed my hands to do things that others will enjoy seeing. I love using the gifts He has given me to bless others. I also teach what I know, helping others to be encouraged that they too can make their homes more lovely, and welcoming for their families and friends. It is a joy to use what He gives us to do to bring Him glory.

Anonymous said...

I have struggled with this question- this is my current understanding (which is small and limited and nothing like God's): I don't have "A calling" but sometimes I am "called." I used to work as a therapist for mostly abused and neglected kids. i felt like that is what I was supposed to be doing. Then I had a child, now I feel called to make parenting my main ministry.
I had a friend who was a pastor who told me how disillusioned he had become with traditional church roles, how there was a "minister" and then there were church go-ers. From his readings he believed we all were meant to have a full-time ministry- not necessarily those who were employed by the church. I would agree- I am a minister. I minister full-time. Just right now the title on my door under my name says "Mommy."
My husband is a pilot- after visiting with a missionary whom he went to serve with on a short term mission overseas- he told the missionary what he did as a living and said "It's not really a great job- I don't help anyone or serve or minister like you do." The missionary told asked him "does it support your family?" He said "Yes." The missionary replied "Then you are serving the Lord."
As his wife, i know he ministers to me in ways that are supernatural and straight from God.
Just some thoughts... sorry so long!

Anonymous said...

I found your blog through another friend's facebook and come here often to read, just like many others. Even though I don't know you, you have had a huge impact on my life. Through reading how you have changed your diet for your health, it made me take a hard look on what I was doing to myself by not being conscious about what I was eating. So, because of you-my husband and I purchased a vitamix blender and have started having raw food smoothies, soups, etc. instead of the fried and processed foods we were eating. I don't know which direction the Lord will take you in your ministry, but from the bottom of my heart thank you for being faithful to Him in your blog and for your honesty. You have made a difference in our lives.

Anonymous said...

I believe the Lord equips those that He calls and He is in the process of equipping you. I have been called to work with young children. That is what God equipped me to do many years ago. I strayed for 5 years into administration and knew fairly quickly that was not my calling, but God put me there for a reason-and I did not question it. Since that time I have worked with young children and I enjoy what I do.

Anonymous said...

I have always felt like God was calling me into the mission field. However, when I graduated college, I was looking for a job, and getting so discouraged. Then I took a chance and applied for the Executive Director position at a pro-life Christian unplanned pregnancy center. Me? Who was 23, just out of college with my bachelor's, and never wanted kids. How in the WORLD could I ever do this job efficiently? I thought I'd end up embarrassing myself, but I needed a job, so I said, you know what've got this, because I surely don't! What do I have to lose? So I took the leap, and here I am, loving every minute of it (except maybe at times when the devil makes me feel insufficient). I have been there since November 2008, and I KNOW that God placed me in this ministry position, because I truly couldn't have done it on my own! And who knows? Maybe God is using this to prepare me for another mission field, and I know that this is a very valuable mission in itself!

By the way, The Maker's Diet is AWESOME so far! I read the first two chapters last night! Thanks again!

Paula said...

Brian and Lindsey,
Since our middle child was graduating from high school, I have clung to II Timothey 1:7. For God did not give us the spirit of timidity, but the spirit of power, of love and of self-control.
To me, this verse is my calling. I, like you, have had many challenges. Starting in 1992 with ARDS, Lupus (including chemo), dialysis, Kidney transplant, kidney removal, etc. God had used me in many ways through suffering. He said for me not to be afraid, to be courageous, love the givers and people around me, and to be in control. If I am out of control, which I have been, I am not a good witness. We are a powerful witness during suffering if we are glorifying Him in the process.
A friend of mine would sign her notes with "Experiencing Joy in this Journey. I adapted it to different things during different times. At some low points it might say "Searching for Joy in this Journey." People would notice and pray harder for me.
Our words and our actions can be our calling if it is a good witness for Christ.
You both have been an incredible witness with your actions and words. This blog, my dear, may be your calling.
We were so glad to see pictures posted. We too had missed them.
"Stormin the Throne on your behalf!" The Chaffin's